Artesian Solutions Launches V14 Product Release


Summer Release 14 includes exciting new features,
innovative ideas, practical improvements & topical tweaks


Laptop Summer Release

London, 12th August, 2016 – Artesian Solutions has announced V14 of its award winning customer engagement platform. Packed with new features and enhancements, Artesian provides contextual, relevant and up-to-the-minute insight into organisations, markets and individuals for competitive advantage.

Most significantly a new look CRM plugin for Salesforce and Dynamics, which drives a more dynamic connection between interaction information, business information and market insight for more intuitive and contextualised sales and marketing.

Based on feedback from users V14 incorporates additional functionality:

Fully Customisable News Triggers – feeding users with relevant and timely insights in real time, colour coded triggers highlight new business opportunities and risks
New Market Sector Alerts – all users now receive a weekly email alert for market sector news which can be tailored by sector and sub-sector
New, Deeper CRM Integration – a complete visual uplift. Plugins for both Salesforce and Dynamics allow users to augment their ‘must-close’ opportunities with all the customer insights they need to get the deal done
New Employees Page – enabling users to filter employees by job function and prioritise based on role type and seniority

In addition V14 contains many practical improvements to maintain Artesian’s usability and reliability, including a refreshed email template for sharing stories, improved monitoring, and several security enhancements.

Speaking about the new release, Richard Clark, VP Product Management at Artesian Solutions commented: “V14 represents a significant step forward for our product, and for the next stage of our growth and development, making way for even exciting new developments in the future. It is enabling our users to get closer than ever to their customers, with a true 360° view of the customer ecosystem.”

He continues: “V14 also celebrates the skill and professionalism of both our engineering and QA teams. They continually push the boundaries to future-proof Artesian directly in line with evolving user needs and customer expectations, designing dynamic new features that deliver new opportunities and drive successful outcomes.”