Artesian takes Financial Service Automation to the Next Level with the Launch of Artesian Connect

Artesian takes Financial Service Automation to the Next Level with the Launch of Artesian ConnectTM

LONDON, England, January 15, 2021 – Artesian Solutions, a leading provider of client relationship intelligence and risk solutions, has today announced the launch of Artesian ConnectTM, a new way to solve complex and high-value frontline and middle-office challenges.

Artesian ConnectTM combines leading advances in data-science with a revolutionary way to harness the collective expertise which exists within frontline financial service teams in relation to their know-how around business development, spotting risks and opportunities – allowing the customer to encapsulate existing business-rules, policies or regulatory requirements.

Artesian refer to *the Know-How Equation™* as a method they have created to capture a business’s collective expertise to create a powerful computer program which can deliver efficiency, efficacy and consistency, at scale.

know-how equation

Artesian ConnectTM combines everything a bank, financial service provider, or insurance underwriter knows about its customers, business and market, and leverages an advanced rules-engine that ingests millions of structured and unstructured data points to layer on top of that know-how, quickly delivering impactful insights and risk intelligence needed for next-generation prospecting, customer monitoring and engagement, advanced onboarding, ongoing assessment of portfolio risks and opportunities, and automated underwriting. The challenges faced by front-line teams are endless.

Metro Bank, an early adopter of Artesian ConnectTM, has reported that using the platform they have been able to automate many aspects of their operational process for on-boarding new customers or screening the back-book in a fraction of the time – at scale.

Speaking about the experience of Ronan Heeran, Financial Crime Risk & Control Manager at Metro Bank commented: “We started working with Artesian to explore ways we could introduce greater efficiency to the customer onboarding journey. We loved the idea of being able to aggregate data from a number of different sources and map our risk appetite to Artesian’s rules framework to flag issues immediately. The result meant we could deliver a process which in some cases was 94% quicker than our existing process.”

Likewise in the Insurance sector early adopter QBE, has reported that they’ve been able to automate many aspects of the commercial underwriting process which touch external unstructured data, including new COVID-specific risk data sets, which Artesian ConnectTM could easily ingest.

As well as the benefit of a simplified and consolidated underwriting process across all 200 of its underwriters. David Jones, Director of Underwriting at QBE commented: “The flexibility and configurability of Artesian’s platform enables QBE to be proactive, rather than reactive, to changes in data for client assessment.”

Andrew Yates, CEO at Artesian, explained further: “Artesian ConnectTM is pioneering a new era in modern data and insight-driven Relationship- financial service – helping commercial teams in both the banking and insurance sectors leverage their extensive know-how and combining this with the latest advances in data science, to empower them to do what they do best at a scale and speed never seen before.”

“With the combination of leading data science, premium data from our partners like Experian combined with any data the customer has available plus their given expertise in the area of focus – Artesian ConnectTM can deliver transformational results in client acquisition, client on-boarding, risk and compliance monitoring, and relationship management. With Connect, modern frontline banking and insurance teams can rapidly merge disparate data sources, create bespoke rules for risk selection utilising rich firmographic data and, most importantly, deliver insight from unstructured data that paints a much deeper picture for client assessment. Artesian ConnectTM is set to play a big part in the future of commercial financial service automation.