Artesian Uncovers the Numbers and Successes Behind its 2 Trillion Weekly Google Searches

LONDON, England, January 24, 2019 – Artesian Solutions, has today issued a new infographic demonstrating not only how far its market leading sales intelligence tools have developed in the last few years, but the amazing results achieved by sales teams using the platform in 2018.

2018 was a huge year for Artesian. It reached a milestone 30,000 users that together have tracked in excess of 800,000 businesses, automated the equivalent of 2 trillion Google searches per week, and as a result received 12.5 million actionable insights, and created 524,000 useful connections directly attributable to the use of its service.

One Artesian customer revealed it has uncovered 1,804 new opportunities in just 7 months with a sales order value of £10.9 million thanks to Artesian insights.

By taking advantage of recent advances in technology, Artesian has been able to deliver a 25x increase in the amount of historical content for advanced analysis and research, and a 5x increase in raw speed of news query engines, ensuring its users get complex results faster than ever.

By migrating to Elasticsearch and scaling up its server capacity Artesian improved its raw speed, resulting in search results that previously took users 6 seconds being reduced to just 10 milliseconds, optimising their ability to uncover those all-important golden nuggets of insight.

In tandem, the solution scaled up to accommodate 10x the number of concurrent users, whilst ensuring performance remained snappy.

Speaking about the results Artesian Solutions Co-Founder and CEO Andrew Yates commented: I recently read a quote which went ‘you can focus on adoption, retention, expansion, or advocacy; or you can focus on the customers’ Desired Outcome and get all of those things’, the success of our users is part of our DNA, and is without doubt the best possible testament of our success. We constantly feed back into our R&D their learnings, preferences and needs in order to keep improving the services we offer.

He continues: Throughout 2018 Artesian users also fed back countless stories detailing the massive difference the platform is making in terms of helping them grow their revenue, exceed expectations, transform sales behaviours, achieve competitive advantage, and deliver great experiences. With recent reports estimating that the business intelligence market is growing at a CAGR of 21%, Artesian is set to be at the forefront of developments as we look forward to officially launching the next stage in our evolution, the Artesian Risk and Compliance Hub (ARCH) in just a few weeks, so watch this space.”

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