Artesian Launches Back to Business Toolkit to Help B2B Sellers Returning from Furlough Get Back in the Game and Customer Mind-Set with Confidence

Artesian back to business toolkit

LONDON, England, June 09, 2020 – Following the Government’s decision to begin easing lockdown restrictions across the UK, more workers are being asked to return to the workplace.

In response Artesian Solutions, the A.I. powered client intelligence solutions provider, has today announced the launch of its Back to Business Toolkit, aimed at helping furloughed B2B sales professionals return to work in the most proactive and productive way possible.

During the COVID-19 lockdown, it has been reported that:

• B2B sales opportunities are down by 73.9%
37.5% of B2B salespeople lack confidence about their job security
66.7% of B2B sellers lack confidence that they will hit sales targets this year

The termination of a furlough agreement and expectation of a return to work may happen quickly, depending on the provisions of the original agreement.

The unique economic situation means that businesses are under increased pressure to ramp back up quickly, however, most employers realise furloughed staff will need time and resources to get back up to speed after several months out of the workplace.

back to business toolkit

The Artesian Back to Business Toolkit

The Back to Business Toolkit, offered at no additional charge to all Artesian users, aims to make this process easier for both employer and employee by providing dedicated resources, including:

• On-demand return to work webinars
• An action list for their first few days, including a few tips and techniques
• Access to premium services, such as a concierge service to help refresh portfolios
Knowledgebase articles aligned to the tasks involved in returning to business post furlough
• COVID-19 Daily Business Briefings – informing them of the latest updates in the business world relating to COVID-19
• A schedule of free online training sessions.

Speaking about the scheme Mike Blackadder, Co-Founder and Chief Customer Officer at Artesian, commented: “Sales leaders are feeling the pressure to get back in the game quickly, meaning that furloughed B2B sellers will likewise feel the pressure to perform on their return. We know that for some, the lockdown has been tough, and some of those returning to work may be lacking confidence or feel out of touch with their customers The Artesian Back to Business Toolkit will help sales leaders calibrate their response on all fronts, whilst ensuring that their frontline teams get back in the customer mind-set with confidence.”

Paul Evans, Regional Director at BT PLC, supported the launch, saying:

“Several of BT’s channel partners had to furlough some of their frontline staff during lockdown. We subsidise their use of Artesian to help them grow their BT business, and have been putting programs in place to help support their return to work. We were delighted to hear that Artesian are also thinking about their needs and supporting businesses at this difficult time. As they say, small gestures can make a big difference, and we welcome Artesian’s proactive response to assisting us with the return to work process. They are a true partner, invested in helping to protect our business and our people.”