Who are Barclays

Barclays provides financial services (retail and corporate banking, wealth management, investment management, investment banking and credit services) to more than 49 million customers across 50 countries worldwide.

The Barclays Story

Providing contextual competitive insight and relevant market news at key times to employees internally and remotely, was proving a complicated and laboursome task, filled with manual procedures and costly time constraints, with the result that breaking news often was being missed or delayed, to the point where it was no longer relevant or actionable.

Barclays was in need of a solution that would grant up to 10,000 of its executives with access to real-time news, in combination with simple connectivity tools for significantly improve internal communications and sharper response times.

Artesian provides Barclays with a comprehensive automated digital news and social media monitoring solution, delivering news directly to users.

In total, more than 1,000 business topics are now covered, with 200+ competitors tracked across 11 areas of Barclays’ business.

Barclays’ staff receive daily updates delivered straight to their chosen mobile device, browser-enabled desktop and email inboxes, with the ability to communicate and group these insights in ways that suit their working process and deliver commercial outcomes.

Adrian Mariadas, VP of Global CRM at Barclays Corporate was part of the team tasked with addressing the Bank’s challenges:

“The future for me really is about keeping up with the fast moving technological pace of change. Larger organisations often struggle to keep up with that pace of change – I’m looking forward to continuing to work with Artesian and I’m looking forward to them helping us innovate and keep up.”

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