Who are BT Local Business

BT operates a number of franchises throughout the country that are collectively known as BT Local Business. These are independently owned companies that sell to, and work with small and medium businesses within their designated area. The franchisees have access to BT’s full portfolio of products. BT currently have nearly 40 of these partners covering all areas throughout the UK and have been using this model since 2002.

Their Story

Paul Evans is Regional Director at BT Plc and sponsored the internal initiative to launch Artesian throughout the Local Business network.

In Paul’s words, it was “a chance meeting that first introduced Artesian to BT Local Business”, a meeting that would deliver results they couldn’t have envisioned would be possible.

A classic example of a “data-rich but insight poor” organisation, BT had been looking for some time at how they could help Local Businesses realise greater potential from their customer base, and have more meaningful, value-driven conversations.

Despite providing Local Businesses with access to their Salesforce CRM solution for complete visibility of the BT estate, uncovering new opportunities was still a highly manual process, with sales teams trawling the internet to try and uncover potential new business opportunities and gain a deeper understanding of customer needs.

With each Local Business managing an average customer base of 25,000 SME’s, and a £20bn market opportunity, BT knew there had to be a better way.

“One of our Local Businesses was located opposite Artesian’s head office in Reading, and I had often walked past and wondered what they did”, says Paul Evans, Regional Director, BT Plc. “So it was serendipity that one of my colleagues met Artesian’s CEO, Andrew Yates, at a conference, and came back telling us that we had found a solution to the problem”.

Successful Pilot Produces Astonishing Results

Curious to know if Artesian would make Local Businesses more productive and successful, BT conducted a pilot with a Local Business partner office in Coventry.

The pilot immediately delivered astonishing results, helping to create £814k of pipeline and 5 closed orders worth £70k – all in the first 30 days.

Feedback from users reported that Artesian offered a quick and easy way to find new customers, harness insight to get a foot in the door, and have more meaningful conversations. Most importantly, it was delivering significant bottom-line returns in terms of new opportunities generated and closed.

BT were so confident that Artesian could deliver value for all of their Local Businesses that they rolled out the solution nationwide, even offering a co-funded model whereby it contributed 50% of every license fee.

A big part of the roll-out process was about winning the hearts and minds of Local Businesses. We had some very tangible results, but Artesian worked with us to build and deliver a slick onboarding campaign, including training and support to help Local Businesses get the very best out of the solution”, says Paul.

“It has been an absolute pleasure working with Artesian at every step, and it has been a delight to own this process. We are committed to support Local Businesses by giving them the tools they need to succeed. Artesian has not only helped us demonstrate that commitment, but has helped Local Businesses realise their potential, and most importantly, grow their customer base.”

As an extension to the original contract, BT have also been able to take advantage of Artesian’s integration with Salesforce, providing Local Businesses with a solution that enables them to augment opportunities with real-time news, social media and people insights.

Local Businesses using the integration can scrutinise their sales pipeline, allowing them to act quickly on opportunities, anticipate needs and engage proactively in more sophisticated ways based on a real understanding of trends, sentiments and needs.

In addition, they can improve productivity by replacing manual research with automated insight, data gathering and filtering. This was a key step in BT’s CRM strategy to drive adoption of Salesforce and maximise value for the network of Local Businesses.

In just twelve months BT had co-funded 350 Artesian licenses nationwide, a number that continues to grow as more and more Local Businesses realise what they can accomplish by turning data into insight, and insight into action.

Delivering a Measurable Return on Investment

This investment has delivered a 48x return to date.

According to Paul, “Artesian has delivered a huge return on investment. Local Businesses have generated 4,316 new opportunities in the last 12 months with a pipeline value of £29.5 million directly attributable to the insights delivered by Artesian. Over that period they collectively closed 2,204 of these opportunities resulting in £18.9 million of new revenue. What’s more, thanks to Artesian, they have access to a constantly healthy pipeline of opportunities, and greater confidence to go out there and grab them.”

BT Local Business is a shining example of an organisation harnessing technology to empower entrepreneurship.

They realised that it was not enough to just give Local Businesses access to static CRM data, but instead augmented this with real-time insights that would help them achieve a 360° view of customers and what’s happening in their world.

BT Local Businesses are now reaping the benefits in terms of their ability to uncover and exploit new business opportunities, and marshal the right facts at the right time to have better conversations, boosting the potential of their existing customer base.

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