Who are Canon

Canon is one of the most innovative names in imaging and has been for the past 80 years. It is the leading provider of consumer, business-to-business, public sector and industrial digital imaging solutions.

Canon is dedicated to helping its customers reimagine what is possible through imaging. It’s Business Services division aims to deliver transformative solutions by driving efficiency and boosting performance in everything from Document Process Outsourcing and Managed Cloud Services to Business Process Consulting and System Integrations.

The Canon Story

Canon is dedicated to helping its customers reimagine what is possible through imaging. As one of the UK’s leading technology companies, it never rests in its desire to innovate, explore new growth areas and enhance its customers’ businesses in new and exciting ways.

But Canon also operates in a highly competitive market, staying one step ahead means uncovering new opportunities faster, engaging with customers on a deeper level, and proactively anticipating customer needs rather than simply reacting to them.

In 2017, after evaluating sales prospecting solutions from Mint and D&B Hoovers, Canon turned to Artesian to help it reimagine its own approach to sales.

Since then, Artesian has become embedded within its culture and has been credited with helping it significantly increase new business opportunities, develop, win and retain customers, gain a foothold in difficult markets and stay ahead of the competition.

Colin Cummins-White, Sales Manager at Canon explains:

“When a member of the commercial team introduced me to Artesian, I’ll admit that my initial thought was ‘not another “magical” piece of software’. But after just one week using Artesian, I was a convert. In that first week, I received a valuable lead that I hadn’t even realised existed thanks to a golden nugget of insight Artesian delivered”

That lead was not as a result of major news that could have been picked up with some research or via LinkedIn, but a one-liner, a snippet of information about a merger with one of its customers that they had never mentioned and Colin had not seen publicised.


This converted into a valuable lead for the business and ultimately a new business win. Colin believes that without Artesian, they would certainly have missed the lead and, more importantly, it was an insight that Canon’s competitors had not picked up on, giving them an edge. “This is just one of countless similar success stories like this from across the business” continued Colin.

Starting with 20 users to test the effectiveness of insight-based selling, Canon has more than doubled that number to 45 in its direct sales team, plus extended an additional 25 licences to its partner network. Artesian is in demand within Canon, it has fundamentally changed how its new business teams work.


Users credit Artesian with being simple to use, intuitive and for creating significant time savings – Artesian generates the equivalent of 1.2 additional full-time employees (FTEs) for Canon – that’s like having a dedicated full-time resource surfacing the most timely and valuable information on the entire team’s prospects and customers.

As one user comments, “The value of Artesian is incalculable because there is simply no other way of gathering data and filtering through the noise so quickly. Companies House and LinkedIn are ok but limited. Artesian’s daily feed proactively drives me into action every day.”

It’s not just the speed and efficiency gains that are making a difference to Canon, it’s the greater visibility into its customers, its markets and its competitive landscape that are generating significant growth, as well as improved customer retention levels. This has been particularly true in sectors where traditionally uncovering new opportunities is more difficult.

Colin explains: “Artesian is more than just another sales tool. Artesian is like TV detective Columbo, pulling together intelligence from lots of different sources and uncovering the nuances and golden nuggets that could easily be missed, but where real competitive advantage often lies. It helps us look at the customer from every angle so that we can uncover opportunities, solve problems, build a compelling story and articulate a message.”

As an example, Artesian picked up a piece of news about a prospect appointing a new CEO from one of its existing customers.

The sales manager was then able to pick up the phone, start a conversation, get a meeting and eventually win a new account.

In terms of competitive advantage, Canon also points to another recent win. During the tender process, the customer was raising lots of questions about a particular set of functionality it required.

Whilst all suppliers confirmed they could meet the need, the Canon sales manager picked up a story about a competitor directly commenting on this specific functionality and stating that it was still in development.

Canon raised this with the customer, pointed out that they were the only supplier currently able to deliver the specification required and won the business.

“By having granular insight at customer, market and competitive level, I often know far more about the customer and their needs than they expect. This moves the conversation on quicker, builds deeper relationships, and puts me ahead of the field in terms of my ability to deliver on service and value.”

In terms of the relationship between Canon and Artesian, the future looks bright. Canon has one of the highest user engagement scores across the Artesian customer base.

It is embedded within its culture and highly regarded by its users. Colin credits this to Canon’s desire to really get the most out of the tools Artesian provides. “Every day you can do something new with Artesian”, says Colin.


Canon users actively participate in Artesian Academy training, they share experiences across the business to improve the engagement of all members of the team, and they provide feedback to Artesian with product enhancements and feature requests.

“Artesian is a great service provider, they deliver above and beyond the technology. They are quick to respond, quick to resolve any issues, and they never make me feel stupid when I ask a question. I believe Artesian will remain the sales tool of choice for the business going forward” concludes Colin.

Likewise, in summarising the Artesian experience Mark Robinson, Business Development Manager at Canon UK comments:

“Since adopting Artesian in the Direct Sales team, it has quickly become a critical addition to our SalesTech Stack. Canon is focused on delivering an exceptional customer experience and Artesian ensures we’re able to achieve this right from the start of the customer journey. As a result, licences are in high demand meaning we have more than trebled the number of licences since we started using the service in 2018.”

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