Who are Communicorp UK

Communicorp UK is the 4th largest commercial radio operator in the UK – home to some of the most exciting brands in UK radio including Capital networks in Scotland and South Wales, Heart Networks in Hertfordshire, Yorkshire, North and Mid Wales, Smooth Radio networks in the North East, North West and East Midlands as well as XS Manchester. Communicorp UK has a portfolio of other businesses including GoMo (DOOH Operator), Voiceworks (Voice Tech & AI agency) and CCUK Research & Insight, an MRS accredited Company Partner.

The Communicorp UK Story

Communicorp UK’s mission is to deliver ideas that inspire, relationships that count and results that matter. Back in 2013 the media owner decided that to further its ambitions across all three goals it needed to gain deeper customer, market and people insights.

Keen to eliminate cold calling and instead prospect intelligently, uncover new opportunities ahead of its competition, and engage with greater knowledge and credibility Communicorp UK reached out to Artesian.

We were making 20-30 calls to get just one meeting

“We wanted to be more niche and targeted in our approach”, says Keith Crane, Research & Insight Director at Communicorp UK. “We were making 20-30 calls to get just one meeting. Artesian enables us to prospect intelligently and segment the quality prospects that are most valuable to us, this combined with knowing the right people to contact has helped halve our call to meeting ratio.”

To give an example Keith reflects back on a recent outreach project for Communicorp UK’s Research and Insight division.

Looking to attract business from the education sector, the team segmented a vast prospect list down to just 100 quality leads based on a variety of factors including demographics, size, spend capacity etc.

Then using Artesian’s insights created tailored marketing communications for each prospect resulting in a massive 30 appointments.

Use of Artesian has been directly attributed to an increase in Communicorp UK’s ability to develop and win new business, as well as an increase in average order value, and higher customer retention rates.

 “Artesian has helped take us from being a transactional business to one focussed on building real lasting relationships. Thanks to its intelligence and insight our team have greater confidence and can talk to prospects in a more informed way about what is happening in their business and market. This has helped increase credibility, and demonstrates to our clients that we’re knowledgeable, that we care, and that we’re embedded in their success.”

First-mover advantage was key to them winning the business

As an example Communicorp UK received a piece of news from Artesian about one of Europe’s largest motor dealers and its plans to open a new network in Yorkshire.

The team formulated a plan and got in touch with the right person first time only to find out that the dealer had been looking to invite four media owners to tender for the contract.

Having that first-mover advantage was key to them winning the business and securing an advertising contract for Heart Radio.

Since then the account has gone from strength to strength with insight from Artesian fuelling constant creativity and new opportunities to add value to the dealer.

“Artesian is an invaluable tool. It’s the missing piece of the puzzle”, says Keith. “We knew our listeners inside out and we knew our clients’ customers inside out, but now we know our clients inside out as well.”

Six years into its relationship and Artesian is very much embedded within Communicorp UK’s sales operations.

The platform is saving each user an average of 2 hours per week, equating to 118 hours across the user base – the equivalent of 3.4 FTE’s.

Users are highly engaged, with a number of champions across the business ensuring that Artesian is always being used to best effect.

Communicorp UK view their relationship with Artesian as very much a partnership for the long term, the business is as invested in Artesian as Artesian is invested in Communicorp UK.

Artesian genuinely care about our business

“Artesian genuinely care about our business, they put themselves in our shoes and they’re not afraid to ask for honest feedback. It’s rare to find a technology partner that will let their customers have a real say in its development journey. The wrap around support they provide is really useful, in particular, the many networking sessions that show they are going above and beyond to deliver value to us”, concludes Keith.

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