Who are Danwood

The Danwood Group is the largest independent provider of managed print and document-centric services in the UK. Headquarters in Lincoln, with dedicated staff operating from locations across the UK, Ireland and Jersey, Danwood supports over 17,500 customers, including 14,000 small and medium sized enterprises, public sector organisations including Barts NHS Trust and large corporates such as Thomas Cook and Barclays.

The Danwood Story

Having used Artesian previously in G4S, Douglas Greenwell thought it was vital to implement Artesian into Danwood’s culture to enrich the knowledge bank on their customers and allow them to be more aware of the happenings in the customer’s surroundings.

Danwood’s main aim is to engage with the existing customers, and source new prospects. However, there was an engagement gap between them and their customers.

They used Artesian to bridge that gap between them and their target audience, increasing the responsiveness and momentum of their customer base.

Artesian has enabled them to make more sound judgements, as relevant and crucial information is being constantly delivered to them regarding their customer’s needs and wants, so they can act upon them quickly and satisfy their customers.

Through using Artesian, the commercial team has improved their retention of customers; the corporate team has increased new prospects and acquired new business opportunities and the public sector team has counteracted any traction in activity, in Danwood.

The main challenge that has been overcome at Danwood is the modification of sales approach and techniques. This has catapulted business opportunities, by both maintain relationships with existing customers and acquiring new business prospects, as well as developing new and innovative sales skills.

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