Who are GB Group

With a rich heritage of more than 30 years, offices in 19 locations worldwide, and more than 1,000 employees globally, GBG proudly stands as the global technology specialist in fraud, location, and identity data intelligence.

The GBG Plc Story

In a universe where we increasingly transact with people we never meet, GBG believes in the importance of establishing trust with its customers from day one. Darren Birtwell, Sales Enablement Manager explains:

“The buying process has changed. Knowing your customer is of paramount importance today, but so too is establishing trust, credibility and thought leadership. It‘s critical to always be engaging, not selling based on product or service alone, but on ability to solve problems, add value and consistently deliver an excellent customer experience. We embarked on a modern selling strategy with Artesian because we knew that a customer-first approach would set GBG apart from our competitors.”

GB Group establishing trust

GBG was looking for a different type of client intelligence

It wanted granular level insight to fuel its modern selling strategy and establish its sales and customer success professionals as thought leaders and trusted advisors – constantly engaging and sharing, forging deeper connections, adding value above and beyond expectations.

In 2019 it deployed Artesian to over 100 users deployed across a number of GBG Plc divisions (Datacare, E&C, IDV, Loqate, and Trace).

Take-up of the platform has been impressive. Thanks to Artesian Academy face-to-face and online training, strong account management support, and a visionary internal sponsor, GBG quickly established a high engagement rate across its user base.

Customer-first approach

GBG teams quickly adapted, embracing the insight-driven customer-first approach. Jack Smith, Senior Account Executive at Loqate GBG explains:

“We deal with enterprise-level accounts, this means they move fast and they expect their suppliers to do the same.  However, staying on top of what’s happening, and why they’re making decisions is no easy job. Furthermore, it’s increasingly tough to have the high-level conversations we desire. Artesian provides that all-important ecosystem view – real-time customer insights, market insights, and people insights all in one place. It’s been responsible for opening several new doors for me – a snippet of intelligence that gives me a reason to reach out to a senior executive, a piece of news that opens up a dialogue, the confidence to pitch an idea that solves a real problem, the ecosystem level view that helps me optimise the service I deliver – all of these things ultimately win business and build long term relationships”.

Darren agrees:

“Artesian gives us a unique edge. We have a constant supply of insight and news to share with each other and with our customers. Before Artesian for every 3 traditional sales conversations, we had only one ‘thought leadership’ led conversation, our goal is to switch this around, and with Artesian we are well on the way to achieving that objective.”

As with many enterprise-level organisations GBG uses LinkedIn Sales Navigator, but rightly they do not see this as an either/or situation.

GBG believes Artesian optimises their use of Sales Navigator.

Its sales and customer success teams always have golden nuggets of insight to share and contextual reasons to connect.

Darren concludes: “Thanks to Artesian we’re moving from selling our solutions, to selling our expertise – a definite competitive differentiator.”

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