Who are JLT Specialty

Business Intelligence is vital in a customer centric digitally driven market but many insurance companies are struggling to see the bigger picture due to underlying issues with their approach to data. JLT believes in doing things differently. As a global specialist insurance broker, JLT knows that the only way it can develop solutions that really deliver is to understand all of the different challenges our clients face. By using insight, intelligence, and imagination, JLT provides expert advice and robust – often unique – solutions.

The JLT Story

JLT focuses on sectors where it knows that it can make the greatest difference. It builds partner teams to work side-by-side with clients.

However in a fast-paced world with emerging risks developing continually, JLT’s business intelligence requirements had to keep up and respond even faster.

JLT’s ability to make the optimal decisions for its clients and prospects required it to have the right data, at the right time. But it had several challenges to overcome:

1. Whilst the amount of data available was not a challenge in itself, JLT’s ability to cut through the white noise, research and filter through the millions of data points at its disposal was a drain on the efficiency of its sales and business development teams.

2. JLT wanted to transform from being simply responsive to client and prospect needs to being one-step ahead of them. It needed a way of knowing more about its clients’ needs than they do, uncovering those golden nuggets of insight to ensure that no matter how complex an issue they faced, JLT had the solution.

3. JLT wanted to be proactive in terms of client and prospect engagement. But its sales and business development teams needed to earn the right to have these conversations with clients by delivering credible insights that were highly valuable to them, both in terms of their insurance and wider business needs. This meant changing behaviours, not just speaking to clients at renewal but facilitating year round engagement opportunities by giving them daily reasons to connect in the most relevant and timely ways possible.

Producing a bespoke enterprise solution

JLT initially conducted a pilot programme with Artesian. A sample of 10 people across its sales and business development functions took part, using the platform to gain information on clients and prospects from millions of data sources.

Using advanced artificial intelligence, this information was then filtered by Artesian, using individual parameters, into valuable insights delivered via daily email alerts, mobile application and a bespoke user interface.

Throughout the pilot, users also took part in a range of on-demand virtual and on-premise training sessions educating them on the benefits of business intelligence and effective client engagement through the understanding of the triggers and buying signals delivered via Artesian.

Users were not only cutting down research time but directly attributing the insight received to stimulating mutually beneficial conversations with clients and uplifted opportunities to generate new business – a transformational business intelligence-driven approach was in practice.

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