Who are Lombard

Lombard (part of the NatWest Group) is the UK’s leading provider of asset finance. Lending £10bn of funding to UK businesses across vehicles, agriculture, marine, technology, renewable energy, aviation, machinery and healthcare equipment.

Unlocking opportunity

Lombard has been a customer of Artesian since 2012, when it licenced Artesian Engage for its 400 frontline relationship managers. Managing Director Ian Isaac explains why:

“We’re a relationship business, Artesian Engage offered the opportunity to put daily customer, sector and market news, company insights, and firmographic intelligence into the hands of our relationship managers. We invested in the vast potential of the platform to effectively and efficiently support them in nurturing relationships with existing customers, and unlocking opportunities to find and engage with new customers.”

Thanks to strong internal sponsorship, and a bespoke training programme delivered by the Artesian Academy, Lombard’s 400 strong team have achieved 97% user engagement on the platform.

In turn this has ensured they consistently hit targets, and more importantly help their customers grow and become more sustainable.

“Artesian is the ‘go to’ tool for our relationship managers every morning”, says Ian. “They take pride in using it to build and deepen their engagements with customers and prospects.”

Lombard users have given Artesian an NPS score of +67 (compared to an industry average SaaS NPS score of +52). 

First mover advantage

Lombard sees Artesian as a valuable partner, particularly in its ability to respond to new requirements with innovative solutions.

For example in 2020, Artesian launched a new Mortgages and Charges dataset within Prospector in order to help banks identify and target clients who might be able to get a better offering through Lombard.

Lombard was delighted with the chance to provide its relationship managers with the opportunity to search and filter prospects based on current mortgage and charges held with other banks. A vital extra layer of insight for first-mover advantage.

Transformational know-how

In 2021 Lombard became an early adopter of the new Artesian ConnectTM platform.

Ian Isaac, Managing Director of Lombard

Combining its intimate customer knowledge and business know-how with Connect configured to their unique requirements, enabled them to automate key aspects of their frontline processes to deliver market-leading asset finance customer experiences.

“We are delighted to be early adopters of this game-changing technology. When Artesian approached me with the concept it was music to my ears. We’re already seeing the benefits in terms of our ability to provide market-leading efficient services to our customers”, he concludes.

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