Who are NetApp

NetApp operates in the rapidly changing and hugely competitive cloud storage and data management market. They generate new business and stand out from the crowd by using insight to understand their verticals and customers better than their competitors do.

The NetApp Story

NetApp are building teams with an ethos of customer curiosity – sales professionals who invest time thinking about their customers and the challenges they face, who then bring them solutions that are relevant and valuable to their needs.

Artesian helps sales leaders understand their customers better by uncovering needs, commercially-valuable triggers and buying intentions.

This means that every engagement to help them in such a way that they never fail to capture a business moment and respond in a timely and contextual way.

In addition, the insight that Artesian provides helps new NetApp sales professionals get more productive, more quickly.

Driving an ethos of Customer Curiosity

With Artesian, NetApp are driving an ethos of customer curiosity.

They better understand their customers and prospects, giving them the ability to discover new opportunities, build credibility and tailor relevant solutions to their needs.

The result is a vastly more efficient and successful sales team and strong new business growth.

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