Who are Premium Credit

Premium Credit Ltd specialises in providing flexible premium finance plans for all types of business. Its goal is to always make doing business easy, and it has been quick to embrace the digital advantage in order to deliver streamlined and responsive access to its services to its customers. But Premium Credit Ltd wanted to do the same for its own people and broker partners.

In 2019 Premium Credit Ltd purchased Artesian Engage in order to put sales intelligence in the hands of its people and its broker partners. Helping them find, nurture and grow their customer base via daily customer, sector, and market news alerts, company insights, firmographic data, and advanced prospecting functionality.

Rising to the customer challenge

In the space of just a year Premium Credit Ltd supercharged new business acquisition, optimised its broker and customer relationships via deeper insight and understanding, and boosted its position as the most trusted premium credit provider in the market.

All of which proved to be of vital importance in 2020 when the COVID-19 pandemic hit – Premium Credit Ltd was well placed to respond to the challenges facing both its own business, and those of its customers.

So when Artesian approached Premium Credit Ltd with a new proposition that would help industrialise their know-how and automate customer approvals it was quick to jump on the opportunity.

Supercharged know-how

The launch of Artesian Connect provided Premium Credit Ltd and its broker partners with a fully customisable interface into which they could upload targeted lists of clients renewing in the next 90 days as well as key prospects, analyse their key financials at scale using advanced data science and AI, rapidly assess fit, and create customer-specific reasons to finance premium.

Owen Thomas, Chief Sales and Marketing Officer at Premium Credit explains:

“When times are hard cash flow is of vital importance, we were experiencing increased demand for our services and needed a way to scale and automate in order to meet that demand head-on. Artesian Connect combines our knowledge and know-how from sales, marketing, underwriting and risk and combines it with advanced data science and data intelligence to industrialise that know-how to deliver an enterprise-level solution.”

Owen Thomas, Chief Sales & Marketing Officer at Premium Credit

By embracing Artesian Connect to supercharge its people and better service its broker partners, Premium Credit Ltd has been able to combine everything it knows about its customers, business and market and supercharge it with millions of structured and unstructured data points.

As a result, it has generated a 10x uplift in its new business pipeline.

By applying business rules, policies and regulatory requirements to this supercharged know-how, Premium Credit has been able to underpin its underwriting and scorecard methodology to deliver the ultimate in decision-making acumen and customer approval automation.

“Artesian Connect is a vital component in the future of our business, and I’m really excited about the potential of our relationship with Artesian going forward. Artesian Connect is helping us improve our service, do more business and help more people”, concludes Owen.

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