Who are Willis Towers Watson

Willis Towers Watson is an Irish-domiciled global multinational risk management, insurance brokerage and advisory company. The firm has roots dating to 1828 and is the third largest insurance broker in the world.

Their Story

Willis Towers Watson’s relationship with Artesian all started by a referral from a colleague who had used the platform in a previous role, and it couldn’t have come at a better time.

Willis Towers Watson, like many other organisations, were relying on a central CRM platform with various add-ons, which was fine to act as a central repository of all their key contacts, but it didn’t give them any guidance on what to do with that information – no legitimate reasons to connect, engage and build credibility.

They were in need of a solution that would bring together both structured and unstructured data to get a holistic view of their total addressable market.

“Lots of tools profess to help organisations succeed in sales, or be experts in data and intelligence, such as CRM systems and their various add-ons, Google searches, LinkedIn or Factiva alerts. But Artesian is different, it doesn’t just present you with static data, it gives you the ‘why’ factor – a legitimate reason to get in touch and build credibility”

says Amanda Duffield, Director Sales & Client Management GB at Willis Towers Watson.

Willis Towers Watson quickly embedded Artesian within their business as a front-line sales solution.

Its 135+ users quickly found value in Artesian’s ability to not just provide intelligence and insight, but tell them why that intelligence and insight matters, and what to do with it based on their individual needs.

Embedding Artesian ensured that their customer-facing teams no longer had to spend hours of valuable time searching for information.

It gave them a constant supply of up-to-the-minute insights they could then use to identify the areas where Willis Towers Watson could add the most value before engaging on the prospect’s agenda, developing value-added, long-lasting relationships.


Artesian works for us because we can adjust the algorithm within a simple interface that our team just gets, and we can keep on adjusting it, tailoring it to the individual needs of each user” says Amanda. “Then it just keeps on giving, constantly refreshing what we think we know, no matter how fast things change in the market.

Change is something Willis Towers Watson, like all other businesses, constantly grapple with. As Amanda explains “Customer intelligence becomes out of date very quickly. Businesses must challenge themselves to be credible by adapting. Artesian is an inquisitive tool and therefore it has been embedded within our business very successfully because we too are inquisitive and believe there’s nothing worse than being out-of-date or factually incorrect. Unlike other solutions, Artesian joins the dots between data and insight helping us remain relevant and credible.


Already reaping the rewards of advanced insight and improved credibility, Willis Towers Watson were keen to explore where they could take the relationship with Artesian next.

Having done some research to identify key risk triggers across the sales cycle, they approached Artesian to develop a concept that would build risk mapping into the sales process.

“Artesian were only too willing to get involved in the initiative”, says Amanda. “The team at Artesian has a constant desire to ensure the platform and the tools they provide are fit for our needs, and they put a lot of effort into understanding how we work as a business. They took a consultative approach to understand how we could build risk mapping into the platform to add even more value for our users, and it has been very successful.”


Amanda works hard to manage the user base, believing that it’s one thing to buy a sales tool, but to deliver tangible ROI you must keep on investing in its success and maintain agility amongst your teams.

Thanks to this approach, Willis Towers Watson achieves an adoption rate of 98% within their Artesian licences.

The Artesian Engagement Score and management tools also help Amanda constantly challenge those that are underperforming, encouraging them to take part in training to refresh their skills and leverage Artesian in new ways.

As a result, the Willis Towers Watson team display all the behaviours of high performing sellers, with over 60% being advanced users of the platform.

By taking the intelligence and insight Artesian delivers, they are regularly sharing knowledge and expertise via contextual interactions with customers and prospects – the key ingredients in building and maintaining high performing B2B sales teams.

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