Who are Wilson James

Wilson James is a leading security, construction logistics and business services provider with more than 4,000 employees across 12 different countries. With in-depth sector and service expertise they deliver solutions to clients operating across the Aviation, Construction, Corporate, Energy, Manufacturing, Maritime and Technology industries.

The Wilson James Success Story

Crawford Boyce, Group Growth & Development Director at Wilson James needed no convincing when it came to the benefits of an intelligence-led sales strategy.

As a previous champion of Artesian in his former role as Sales Director at G4S he had seen first-hand the impact of an insight-driven customer-led approach.

But when he met with a member of the Artesian team shortly after starting his new role and they congratulated him on the success of the previous night’s 25th Anniversary party, he knew his inclinations about the power of insight in building relationships was confirmed once and for all.

Being able to talk knowledgeably to customers is fundamental to good sales practice. It is not just about harnessing insight but acting on it, marshalling exactly the right facts at the right time, or throwing in a surprisingly insightful contextual anecdote at the vital moment to demonstrate that our business understands the customer’s needs, or even just to build rapport, is a massive contributing factor to the success of our customer-led sales strategy. It is for this reason I continue to champion Artesian from company to company”, says Crawford.

Introducing Sales Intelligence Tools

Wilson James hadn’t been using any sales intelligence tools prior to Crawford joining the business, but following a 30-day pilot, the sales team and higher management team were quick to appreciate the benefits of the sheer scope of intelligence delivered, and the range of tools Artesian has in place to transform sales behaviours.

Crawford explains: “Artesian does exactly what it says on the tin, it’s a vital intelligence tool for any business. It cuts through the white noise to help us better understand our customers strategic plans, goals and challenges so that we can align our service accordingly.

Daily alerts prompt our team into action, real-time insights ensure they are always prepared for meetings and can always talk knowledgably with customers, and people insights ensure we always have the right conversations with the right contacts at the right time. Equally as beneficial is the heightened level of competitor and market intelligence we now have, ensuring we can differentiate our service and always act proactively”.

Artesian has also proved to be surprisingly beneficial in terms of risk management and due diligence. “We were having reservations during a recent negotiation with a potential partner, at just the right moment Artesian delivered an alert that highlighted some significant ethical issues within their business. This timely insight not only backed up our gut feelings but reinforced just how vital intelligence can be across all parts of our business – not just front-line sales teams.

Users within Wilson James are supported by Artesian’s professional services offerings such as training and support. This ensures they get the very best out of the platform, helping to deliver wider adoption across the business.

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