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A human cannot read or digest the 10 million fresh news articles added to the internet every day; but fortunately software can.

How do you overcome the challenge of extracting useful business content from unstructured and ambiguous information on the internet such as news, commentary and opinion?


Search engines go part of the way to helping consumers find relevant material using keyword or phrase matching, but tools like Google and Bing can’t easily answer seemingly simple business questions like “has organisation x had any senior management changes lately” or “give me a list of technology companies in my patch that have a turnover greater than $5M”.


At Artesian, we scan millions of online news and information sources and apply complex natural language processing algorithms that discover relevant business information and triggers for the markets, companies and, people you are interested in. We then summarise the results and present the business intelligence you need, wherever you are working at home or in the field.


By equipping client-facing teams with Artesian, businesses can exploit the rich source of commercial information available on the modern internet to become more customer-centric and competitive.

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