Company intelligence at your fingertips

Build prospect lists with just a few clicks and allow Artesian’s powerful data collection to discover everything you need to know about a prospect, company or industry sector.

Find out more about the company, reference financial records and explore company contacts in one consolidated view.

Reduce research time by filtering by # employees, directors, SIC codes, financial and credit data and export lists for prospecting.

Better anticipate and proactively respond to future client needs

Data is king. News is prioritised by relevancy and available via Artesian, the CRM solution or mobile READY app.

Track the topics that are most important in your news feed such as mergers, management changes and manage risk with colour coded triggers.

Cut research time, spot new business opportunities and manage risk in your pipeline.

Manage your pipeline with total visibility

Get an up to the minute view of your entire sales pipeline on a clean, visual dashboard.

A personal AI “Insight Agent” constantly monitors your open pipeline and uses your preferences to guide you towards relevant news triggers at each stage.

Identify and highlight any threats across all of your deals while also uncovering insights to help progress an opportunity.

Turn interesting stories, in a click, into a Salesforce task, lead or opportunity or create a calendar appointment.

The result is an improvement in forecast accuracy and more meaningful sales engagements.

Engage confidently, be proactive and drive the ideal outcomes

Having the latest and most relevant insights about your customers is the most powerful way to start conversations and attend a meeting.

Share insights in seconds to create moments of connection that truly engage your customers and prospects.

Personalise these by creating bespoke email templates used to share articles directly from Artesian.

And collaborate with your colleagues by sharing to boost cross-team engagement.

Foster best practice behaviour in the team

Little things count. Continually improving the way you engage can make the difference.

Artesian’s dedicated onboarding team, management dashboards and academy learning management ensure organisations get the most out of the service.

Training, technical support and customer enablement are available throughout the lifecycle.

Let's get started

Proactive Account Management

Deep account intelligence, the latest annual reports and actionable insights means you can know your customers better than they know themselves. Create proactive engagements based on your customer's key priorities so you can consult and coach.

Spot Upsells & Churn Risks

Be notified of developments within your accounts to uncover opportunities to grow and manage potential risks that might impact customer relationships or represent churn risk.

Increase Customer Satisfaction & Retention

Customer experience is often the key differentiator between competing brands. Artesian encourages a customer curious culture to put the customer at the heart of the account management process.

Intelligent Prospecting

Discover opportunities to engage, establish credibility and create new leads. Use AI and machine automation to uncover powerful triggers that indicate when a company might have a need for your products and services.

Cut research time

Artesian users save on average 1-2 hours per day researching target accounts and at the same time, drive more personal, confident and credible conversations.

Better Customer Alignment

The educated buyer has no time for interruptive, unsolicited selling. Timely, relevant outreach differentiates you from the competition and increases your chances of securing that next meeting and building a longer term relationship.

Account Based Marketing

Artesian intelligence helps you create timely, relevant account based marketing engagements that differentiate you from the competition, leading to better conversion rates and increased pipeline.

Understand the Market & Territory

Segment the market for highly targeted territory mapping and stay on top of the latest developments and trends in the market.

Deliver Sales Excellence

Tailored training programmes and a structured sales process means you can more easily onboard new staff and monitor behaviours to ensure consistency and effectiveness. Create a winning culture.

Artesian will help give us the edge when it comes to using technology and insight to deliver great customer experiences – helping us create fans, not customers. Artesian is a differentiated product, certainly worthy of investment.

Kevin Barrett, Regional Director,

We qualify leads thanks to the intelligence delivered, and immediately set about making credible approaches far faster than we could previously using just web search and LinkedIn Sales Navigator.

Barry Mitchell - Sales Manager, SCC


Artesian has quickly become an integral part of our day-to-day working lives. It seamlessly deals with the complexities of managing literally millions of data intersections and delivers to the user exactly what they need to know.

Alex Alder, Customer Insights Director,

Succeed. Measure. Grow.

Reporting tools and management dashboards to drive adoption, embed best-practice behaviour and improve team performance

Own It

Management reports enable team leaders to measure adoption and even drill into live pipeline opportunities pulled straight from your CRM

Influence Behaviour

Visualise individual and team performance – ranking them against modern best practice behaviour. At the top is the exclusive “Club 100”

Get Granular

Understand the usage patterns of your top performers and identify knowledge gaps or opportunities for improvement

It's all in the detail

Leverage artificial intelligence and advanced automation tools to drive better customer outcomes

Advanced company search

Search through over 30 million companies from the UK, US, Canada and Singapore

Corporate profile data

Full Companies House data plus corporate family tree, full shareholding information, mortgages & charges

Latest financial information

The last 4 years of financial submissions plus P&L, Balance Sheet, Credit Ratings and more

Monitor companies of interest

Follow companies of interest using ‘Watchlists’, such as Customers, Prospects, Competitors

Fuzzy match company search

Use synonyms to speed up the process of finding the right company

Prospecting buzzwords

Find companies based on how they describe themselves on their website

Companies House documents

Conduct deep company research using the latest Companies House Documents

Bulk load company names

Use Excel lists or copy and paste target accounts to rapidly find and follow existing prospect companies

Data exporter

Export company and contact information into Excel for offline analysis

Segment market sectors

Access market news from a broad range of Market Sectors and Sub-Sectors

Save prospect lists

Create complex prospecting searches from 46 unique filters and save them to access again in the future

Company Director information

View company directors, their profile and contact information

Adverse Previous Directorships

View previous directorships with adverse events against the company

TPS & CTPS register

Easily identify people and companies listed to avoid sending unsolicited communications

Daily email alerts

Featuring the top articles with actionable insights for every company in your Watchlists

Mobile optimised

Get the full power of Artesian in your pocket - simply login via your mobile browser, or download our app

Automated engagement triggers

Proactively leverage key stories from a range of categories such as growth, tech, risk and management changes

Surface & deep web monitoring

Use Artificial Intelligence to analyse and interpret over 3.5 million articles daily on 4,800+ researched topics

News topic management

Pick the topics of most importance to you to only see the stories you're interested in

Share with your network

Boost your credibility and become a thought leader by sharing news and insights via social media or email

Social media monitoring

See your customers’ and prospects’ latest Social Media and Blog posts

CRM integrations

Maximise the value and adoption of your CRM system with live company data and insights

Measure team behaviour

Extensive management tools to track adoption and gamify the process for everyone in the team

User influence tracking

Measure engagement with content shared via email and Social Media

On-demand & live training

A dedicated team delivers advanced training from the classroom to live webinars and on-demand videos

CCJs & Legal Charges

Check county court judgments (CCJ) and other legal charges registered against a business to assess potential risk

Company screening

Understand the potential risk and/or complexity of onboarding a customer by Screening them early in the engagement process

Customer due diligence (CDD)

Obtain all the information you need to verify a customer’s identity and assess the risk

Configurable rules engine

Build a bespoke ruleset that matches your company's policies and risk appetite

Data integrations

Access our standard and premium data, your licenced data or your customer data to build a bespoke platform

Browser based or API

Issues can easily be flagged in a browser-based interface or as data to be ingested by other systems via API

Early warning indicators

Track your customers for changes that constitute Risk, minimise false positives and accurately categorise issues for review

KYC & AML checks

Comply with regulations by automatically conducting checks at the start of any new customer relationship

Adverse media

We've analysed over 6 billion online articles (and counting) to identify potential risks mentioned in unstructured data published online

PEPs & Sanctions

Screen prospective clients against extensive PEPs & Sanctions lists to mitigate risk

Ultimate Beneficial Owner (UBO)

Check corporate structures and understand UBOs to asses risk and credit worthiness

Core features

Connect features

Better together

Create your perfect SalesTech Stack and integrate Artesian into the critical tools you use every day.

Microsoft Dynamics

Microsoft Dynamics

Augment your Microsoft Dynamics CRM with contextualised insight for a 360° view of your prospect ecosystem.

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Integrate Artesian into Salesforce Accounts and Opportunities to see key news, data and risks to your pipeline.

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Artesian Ready App

Artesian Ready App

The Artesian Ready mobile app is the pre-meeting ritual that takes customer meetings to the next level.

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