Artesian Solutions Announces New Functionality for Advanced Prospecting

Artesian Mortgages & Charges Data Preview

Mortgages and Charges data added to Prospector to help banks identify and target more opportunities

LONDON, England, August 27, 2020 – From today, Artesian’s banking and financial services customers can access an exciting new feature to help them get hyper-specific when targeting customers currently in a banking/lending relationship with a competitor organisation.

Front line banking staff and relationship managers, as well as special product partners in asset finance, invoice finance, and other secured commercial lending, can now search and filter prospects based on current mortgages and charges held with specific banks.

For several years Artesian has provided this information for individual companies, but this is the first time this data has been indexed in our Prospecting service.

This added layer of information enables our banking and financial services users to uncover new opportunities that may otherwise have been missed without access to a reliable record of a target company’s banking relationships.
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Speaking about the addition of this new Prospector functionality, Richard Clark, Artesian’s VP of Product Management commented:

“Banks and financial services providers are operating against a highly competitive backdrop. They’re competing on product, service, customer choice and customer experience, and in the current market are having to do this with ever-reducing resources. Leveraging data to accurately target and provide timely personalised products and experiences is a key differentiator. We want to ensure Artesian users are always one step ahead. By providing the ability to search through mortgages and charges data on over 4.5m UK businesses using our Prospector tool, users can gather valuable evidence of current banking/lending relationships within their prospect base.”

“This is valuable for a number of reasons. For example, if a company already has a charge with another institution, this indicates an awareness of the market and a level of sophistication which enables communications to be personalised. It can also enable true value-driven contact, for example if a competitor decides to wind down their Asset Finance division, you could offer their customers more advanced services. So not only is this good for our customers, it is good for their consumers too.”

Artesian now provides 50 filters which can be used to segment some 4.5 million UK registered companies, delivering advanced data and insight needed to target these customers well ahead of the competition.

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