Breaking the Bottleneck for Approved RLS Lenders

The COVID-19 pandemic has had a dramatic and wide-reaching impact on the global economy. Businesses of all sizes are in survival mode, quickly putting into place operational and financial measures to ensure their long-term viability. Pressure is on the government, banks and lenders to provide support, however the influx of CBILS and RLS applications has resulted in a massive backlog in approvals.

Make faster decisions

RLS accredited Banks and lenders have been inundated with applications from SMEs who need urgent support.

Artesian Connect™ brings comprehensive data and sophisticated rules together and puts the results in the hands of the front-line.

  • Faster turnaround
  • Fewer iterations with Credit
  • Improve transparency
  • Better customer experience

Banks are overwhelmed with credit requests and face some major challenges

Relationship managers are stretched

Banks need to look to enhanced methods of triaging data to remove the bottleneck caused by the spike in CBILS and CLBILS applications.

Credit teams are

Credit teams must make hundreds of urgent credit decisions when normal rules don’t apply.

Credit ratings quickly become obsolete

Historic credit patterns are of limited use for predicting business health, yet banks still need to lend responsibly.

Get it wrong face long-term reputational damage

As a result of poor customer experience, miscommunication and failing to give the help that was needed.

How we’re supporting RLS approved Banks and Lenders during the Coronavirus pandemic

The immense load on the banking system has resulted in a worrying bottleneck: validating whether a business was a going concern pre-COVID-19.

Automate Client Screening

Artesian can produce an automated client screening in minutes which can lead to a smoother credit process reducing overall process time per application by 20 mins.

  • Annual Accounts
  • Registration Status
  • Overdue Accounts
  • CCJs
  • Delphi Score
  • Directorships
  • Management Accounts

Company Screening

Company Tracking

Ongoing tracking and monitoring

The business landscape is changing daily and your front-line teams don’t have the time to monitor the health of their customers. With 24/7 tracking, Connect automatically raises flags to give you the earliest possible view of an actual or impending risk event.

  • Risk band changes
  • Growth/decline indicators
  • Adverse media
  • Turnover/profit changes

Digital processes will be crucial to success over the medium-long term

The firms that embrace digital technology and truly digital ways of working will transform their cost bases, overcome short-term operational crises and realise long-term revenue opportunities.

  • Automated data access will be the new norm
  • Relationship Managers will be able to focus on relationships not spreadsheets

Banks must accelerate digital transformation

You can bank on us


We’ve been working with the UK’s leading banks, lenders and financial services companies for more than a decade. 52% of RLS approved banks and lenders already use Artesian.


CBILS accredited lender: HSBCCBILS accredited lender: NatWestCBILS accredited lender: Lloyds BankCBILS accredited lender: Barclays CBILS accredited lender: RBSCBILS accredited lender: Coutts

Introducing Artesian Connect™

Harness the power of your know-how. Transform your frontline.

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We recently hosted a series of live webinars “Making the most of Artesian during the COVID-19 pandemic” where we show you how to relate to your customers and support them from afar.

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