6 apps that will take your B2B sales to the next level

These 6 apps will take your B2B sales to the next level

Sales can be a tough job. New sales people are often thrown into the role, with a third of businesses not providing any formal training, according to a survey of 500 HR professionals; the working environment is extremely competitive; and these days there’s almost too much data to sift through.

The most important thing for sales teams is your pipeline. You have to find, connect, meet and sell your product or service to keep that pipeline full and hit your targets.

This can all get a bit overwhelming at times. But fear not – there are some amazing tools out there to help you make the most of your time and to kick your B2B sales up to the next level.

  1. Be seen on social with Buffer

The first step in any B2B sales process is to be seen by your prospects. If they haven’t seen or heard anything from your brand, your sales call or email is likely to be greeted with a cold reception.

The Buffer app takes the hassle out of keeping on top of your social media. It automatically publishes updates from you and/or your business to Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+ and App.net accounts. Built-in analytics allow you to analyse which posts are working well, why, and the best times to publish them so that your followers will see and interact with them.

Buffer is also available for teams, so you can appoint colleagues to help you out. Create useful content – images, videos, articles – and share them on your social channels at the very best times to drive engagement with prospects.

Start with a free Buffer account.

  1. Prospect info built-in to Gmail with Rapportive

We all know that personal contact is far more engaging than a copied and pasted marketing email. But remembering all that information, or having to research it before every email, is an impossible task (unless you are a memory champion!).

Rapportive is a free extension for Gmail that helps with just that. It pulls in contact information, along with a host of other information such as recent social updates, straight into your Gmail. You can even connect with them on social media with the click of a button.

With this wealth of information on screen as you type your email, you can ensure that your communication is personal and meaningful, not general and bland.

Get the Rapportive extension for free.

  1. Discover a pre-meeting ritual that can make a real difference with Artesian Ready

We don’t like to get too salesy in a blog article, but we how could we miss our own tool off this list? Artesian Ready is the exciting new calendar app we designed specifically for you and only you as an Artesian subscriber. Whether meeting existing customers or new prospects, Ready automatically checks your calendar and gives you powerful insights on their companies – direct to your mobile.

It saves you time by sending insights, breaking news and financials about the company your are meeting automatically to your phone. It also enables you to share this information and collaborate with your team before the meeting, so you know that everybody is, well, ready.

Artesian Ready is the new pre-meeting ritual that allows you have more meaningful, personal conversations with your prospects and clients alike so you’ll quickly be viewed as the most interested and engaged sales person out there!

Download the Artesian Ready app for your iPhone and Android here.

  1. Create impactful presentations with Projectqt

Once you have a list of prospects, complete with a wealth of information on each, it is time to sell.

Projectqt is a presentation tool with a difference. Instead of traditional, static, and linear presentations, Projectqt allows you to create beautiful, content-rich, and constantly up-to-date presentations.

When creating a presentation, you will have the option to add dynamic content, such as a live Twitter feed, into a slide and attach social sharing and other web links. You can also stack presentations, slowing you to drill down into the finer details while retaining a clean ‘big picture’ document.

Take the presentations into meetings, post on your website, send via email, or share on social media – in fact, you can use Projectqt presentations practically anywhere.

The final cherry on top is that presentations are stored in the Cloud, meaning that any changes are instantly propagated out to every version, everywhere. No more out-of-date information or graphics and no more confusing version numbers.

Take a look at the beautiful Projectqt presentations.

  1. Overcome sales paranoia with Sidekick

Have they received my message? Did they read it? How long should I leave it before following up?

No we’re not talking about Tinder. These are the kinds of paranoid questions that plague every B2B sales person. You want to be engaged, helpful and friendly, but where do you draw the line between ‘interested’ and ‘intrusive’?

Sidekick helps you overcome this paranoia by answering your questions for you. The app, which is also available for mobile, alerts you when a prospect has opened your email, clicked a link, and when they have been added to your CRM as well as showing you what pages of your website they are looking at.

Using this information you can find the perfect time to contact a prospect, armed with a great understanding of their challenges and an idea about what stimulates them.

See the full range of Sidekick features.

  1. Centralise your itinerary with TripIt

Once you’ve found and engaged with the right prospects at the right time, you’ll be ready to go and see them with your nifty presentation in-hand. In fact, if you are using all of these great tools then you’ll likely find yourself very busy with meetings.

TripIt is an incredibly useful app for desktop and mobile that amalgamates and centralises all of your travel itinerary into one place. Can’t remember whether your flight confirmation was emailed to your work or personal email address? No worries – it’s all saved on TripIt. Trouble finding your hotel? TripIt will even create Google Maps directing you along every stage of your journey.

If you’re using Gmail then TripIt will automatically pull your itinerary from your confirmation emails, creating a complete itinerary for you. If you use a different email client then you can simply forward your confirmation emails to the app and it will build an itinerary for you.

All of the main features are available for free, with only the most advanced tools restricted to the paid business version. Additional features include mileage recording, real-time flight updates, and frequent traveller points tracking.

Download the TripIt app.

Have any more B2B sales apps you couldn’t live without? Share them with us in the comments below or on Twitter @ArtesianS.