A new way to harness your business know-how & transform frontline effectiveness

The last decade has seen a paradigm shift in media consumption through new online channels and with it, vast quantities of new content every day. This presented an amazing source of untapped intelligence about companies and the people inside them.

We created Artesian to harness this potential – leveraging advances in data science, such as Natural Language Processing and Artificial Intelligence, to be able to accurately infer meaning from this content, turning it into a critical source of client insight for frontline teams at a scale previously unimaginable.

Combining this with extensive company firmographic data, sector news and powerful rule-based automation helps you find and engage prospects that fit your ideal customer profile, conduct screening and due diligence checks and transform frontline performance.

Artesian is used daily by tens of thousands of frontline professionals from the leading business banks, commercial insurers, financial services, technology, telecommunication and professional services firms.

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