How to adapt your sales approach to the buyer’s personality

Personality types: How to adapt your sales approach to the buyer’s personality

In our last blog on buyer personality types we looked at how your customers vary widely in terms of their personality, their approach, even their music taste…. Turns out not everyone is an Abba fan.

One size does not fit all, unless you’re selling ponchos, so your job is to adapt your style and develop your ability to sell to different buyer personas. To do this, first gather insight about their preferred buying style.

Look for clues

  • Do they make a lot of statements – more full stops than question marks?
  • Do they ask lots of questions – the talker – or are they more inclined to sit back and listen – the thinker?
  • Are they very expressive in their body language e.g. have they knocked over glasses of water in bursts of excited gesticulation?
  • Do they stick to facts and hard data 87% of the time or do they LOVE to post emotionally driven commentary?
  • Are they formal and straight talking or are they laid back and chatty?

All of this is out there on the internet if you know where to look, so begin by finding out where your buyers like to express themselves. Read their blogs, watch their webcasts, monitor their Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook feeds, join groups and forums they belong to and check out how they like to interact.

Remember it’s not stalking, it’s research – but you might notice some transferable skills.

Once you’re familiar with your buyer’s personality type, you will be in a better position to communicate with them in the manner they prefer with a business proposition that will resonate with them.

Be a chameleon-like seller

Looking at the four main personality types outlined in our last blog, here are some hints and tips that could help direct your sales strategy.

Assertive buyers

They are straight-talking people and will expect the same from you. Emphasise how you, like them, are organised in your approach, focussed on efficiency and how you can deliver results. Be prepared! Do your research and have the answers to any question they may ask.

Take advantage of their desire to win and enthusiasm for tackling challenges. Highlight how they will boost performance, take a bigger market share or deliver something different. But remember at all times to keep interaction concise and to the point. Simple.

Analytical buyers

Be prepared to play the long game. They are not going to take what you say on face value and they are not going to jump in quickly. They will have done their research and if you have not done the same you could find yourself on the back foot.

Avoid preaching to them, instead present them with hard facts and data. They tend to avoid risk so make sure you can back up what you say with detailed and accurate information that will encourage trust.

Amiable buyers

Your focus should be on building a relationship not just delivering a solution. Be a visionary and capture their imagination for what could be achieved if you work together.

Look for opportunities to build a rapport and engage them in informal discussions. Consider all the options and present them with all the facts, but be decisive and take the lead in guiding them though the process.

Expressive buyers

More likely to make emotionally driven decisions, these buyers will want to work with people they like and trust. Not averse to taking a risk they could jump in with a competitor if you are not quick off the mark and capable of delivering both the relationship they are looking for, as well as the results they desire.

Don’t be too heavy on facts and figures. Help them to see how your solution will impact their business on both a personal and financial level. They are passionate about what they do so buy into their vision and incorporate it into your strategy.

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