Adverse Director History – Artesian Premium Data Extension

Adverse Director History

Artesian Premium Data Extensions – Built for Compliance

Your Artesian profile can now be enhanced to include information on previous Directorships that might have ended negatively.

The ability to check if a Director of a client, prospect or supplier has been involved with another business that ended in Insolvency, Administration, Bankruptcy etc, can be invaluable to avoid issues and ensure compliance.

Many companies include this check as part of their standard pre-onboarding checks.

Artesian has always provided information about active directorships for each director of a company, and can now optionally provide information about historic ones. Flagging this early in the engagement cycle enables you to meet compliance requirements, while also smoothing the onboarding and prospecting processes by raising the issue early.

Adverse Director History is available in your Artesian platform as a Premium Data Extension Pack.

Contact your Artesian Customer Success Manager for a demonstration. Other premium data extensions include CCJ’s, Legal Notices and US/Ireland country packs.

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