In the race for B2B sales and marketing advantage, the winners will be those adopting the right AI technology

AI technology for enterprise B2B

It is impossible to ignore Artificial Intelligence. Talk and debate about AI and Machine Based Learning (MBL) is pretty much everywhere you turn at the moment, with software vendors claiming their status as AI-powered, and giants of the tech world forming coalitions (no, it doesn’t just happen in UK politics) to fast-track the development of intelligence technologies.

There is no doubt that the evolution of AI technology for enterprise B2B is set to have a profound impact on the lives of those in sales, marketing and other commercial teams; indeed more and more businesses are already waking up to the benefits of investing in intelligent software. But in the dog-eat-dog world of B2B sales and marketing, where the most successful teams are constantly looking to gain a competitive advantage, there can be a massive opportunity in adopting AI, but also a potential risk in jumping in too quickly.

We have seen many software vendors repackage their solutions and claim them to be AI-powered, but in reality the evolution of AI is still very much in its infancy. Choosing a solution must not just be about the short term gains that can be made, but also about how the solution will evolve in the coming 3-5 years to keep teams at the forefront of the intelligent data, insight and engagement strategy.

The ‘Big Idea’

Intelligent AI-driven assistants (or bots) eliciting information like a human to discover everything, predict everything and action everything, in order to free up the seller or marketer to get more creative with strategy, engagement and campaign execution – sounds like something out of science fiction, doesn’t it? But this is the foundation of the ‘big idea’, and it is coming.

Discover everything: Big gains have already been made here without a doubt. Software vendors have taken up the data and business intelligence challenge – analysing, filtering and presenting the actionable insights of greatest value to the user from the almost unfathomable amounts of data created every day. The bot will take this one step further, using natural language processing and machine based learning to dig deeper into real time data sets no matter how quickly they arrive, or how big they are, to improve analysis accuracy and relevance, enhance decision making speed and business process, and ultimately improve understanding of the customer and what’s driving them at any given moment.

Predict everything: This is perhaps where the majority of innovation is happening. Predictive analytics employed as part of the technology stack open up the opportunity to not only make decisions quicker and perform tasks faster, but to understand where the customer journey will go next. Your bot/AI assistant will tell you the actions you need to take to influence decision making now, next week and in the months to come, enabling a more sophisticated sales strategy with improved campaign planning, implementation and execution. Your bot will help you zero in on the exact point of optimal engagement with the customer, perhaps even before the customer themselves realises they need your help.

AI technology for enterprise B2B

Action everything – Implementing a cognitive-based AI solution that utilises machine interaction and learning, natural language processing and chat bots, will automate key activities such as information gathering, research on buying behaviours and trends, due diligence, and answering customer questions in real time via social media channels. This enables day-to-day decisions to be made faster and more accurately, leaving the seller or marketer free to undertake more strategic decision making and human-touch relationship building tasks with an even greater level of clarity and a more proactive and personalised customer experience approach. No touch point left unturned, no opportunity missed.

The bot response to human need

The best AI solutions of the future will not be built on algorithms alone, but on a rich understanding of the B2B landscape – what sales and marketing teams need now, where the biggest gains can be made, what the future looks like through the user’s eyes, and how predictive analytics, MBL, Natural Language Processing and AI bots will improve their decisions, business processes and interaction with their customer.

Choose a trusted partner that has the right pedigree in data mining, the most advanced business intelligence delivery platform, and background of working with innovative market leaders. Look at what they have learned from their journey so far. Ask questions of how they see the AI world evolving in the coming months and years, how they are embracing the latest technology advances, and investing in R&D and integrations that will have the biggest impact in your world.

The potential return on investment is huge, but before you make your move be sure you have invested in a solution that will evolve with you.

Artesian is at the forefront of AI evolution

Artesian’s latest release builds on our leading enterprise engagement platform, to establish the foundations of an Artificial Intelligence future that promises a revolution in sales and marketing effectiveness. The culmination of months of behind-the-scenes R&D activity, based on an incredibly rich understanding of the enterprise B2B landscape through the eyes of some of the biggest and most influential companies in the world.

Artesian ‘Insight Agent’ is the first step in a series of intelligent chat bots aimed at automating many of the tasks carried out by B2B professionals daily. With the use of advanced natural language processing and predictive analytics, it monitors the user’s pipeline, continually looking for triggers from over 5 billion news and social media articles, learning and filtering based on individual requirements to deliver commercially valuable and immediately actionable insights, telling the user what they need to know and what action they need to take.

This release is the first milestone in our ‘big idea’ – the use of AI and related technologies to make sense of structured and unstructured data, predict customer needs, automate and direct pipeline activities, and deliver hyper-personalised communications and custom marketing.

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