ARCH for Relationship Managers

Relationship professionals utilising Artesian’s Risk & Compliance hub (ARCH) stop wasting time trying to sell to companies that their organisation won’t have an appetite to on-board. They are also equipped with the information to set clients expectations in the right place regarding time to on-board them and the likely process.

Success with ARCH means much faster credit decisions, with customers getting cash sooner; lower costs, with less time spent on decision making; and better-quality risk decisions, which translates into greater profitability, better client experiences and quicker time to revenue.

Know Earlier (Don’t waste time on deals you won’t be able to on-board and set client expectations)

Know More & Avoid Fines (Artesian found 100% of issues found by incumbent, Artesian found risk data on 14% of cases that incumbent missed, Credit risk screening)

Save Time (Avoid increasing costs, find all the data in one place, automate policies and pre-populate the onboarding process)

Refer to this two pager for how ARCH is giving RM’s more time to spend on building relationships.

Artesian’s Risk & Compliance Hub is a service which can be demonstrated and configured for each individual Artesian customer and is delivered through the current platform.

“Artesian will help us put risk and compliance at the heart of our commercial process, to serve a greater need than regulation alone.”

Jeff Courtney, Head of Portfolio & Planning, Business & Commercial, Metro Bank