Artesian Ready 3.0: Getting Started

Artesian Ready is a mobile app designed specifically for Artesian subscribers. It’s packed with all the information a customer curious user could want to understand their customers, prospects and partners better.

Who can use Artesian Ready

The latest version of Artesian Ready for iPhone and Android is now live on the app store. It’s available to users who:

  • Are able to download applications on their work phone but have security software such as GOOD or MobileIron installed
  • Use a personal iPhone or Android device instead of a work phone
  • Haven’t synced their work calendar to their phone

What’s new in Artesian Ready v3.0

New features in the latest version of the app include “Your Companies” where users can search from a database of 4 million UK companies, follow customers and prospects in watchlists, view detailed corporate data and company news insights.

Discovering business opportunities and managing risk is more effective with Triggers – important stories in the news feed are labelled with the user’s chosen Trigger types such as Expansion or Change of Management.

Users can share insights through email or social channels to engage with colleagues and clients in a timely, relevant way.

Artesian Ready can be synced with one or more calendars on a user’s mobile device.

The “Your Meetings” feature benefits users by giving them news insights relevant to the people and companies they are meeting as well as individual profiles for meeting attendees.

Drive customer curiosity from anywhere with Artesian Ready.

How to download the app

Follow these simple steps to install Artesian Ready and get the app running on your mobile device in minutes.

On the app Store, search for “Artesian Ready”. Download the app and open it.

Download Artesian Ready
The app will ask whether it can send you notifications; these will be in the form of a notification message when any of your colleagues send you a chat message or post information about a meeting, via the app. Click OK if you wish to see these.

Notifications Artesian Ready
Once you’ve swiped through the product tour, click on the “I’m Ready” button. On the login page, enter the username and password that you usually use when you log into the web product. If you usually use Artesian within Salesforce, then click the “Log in with Salesforce” link instead.

Login Artesian Ready
We hope you find these new features helpful. If you are already an Artesian customer, then you can download the app from the app store.