Artesian Ready 3.0: Your Meetings Feature

“Your Meetings” is an optional feature in Artesian Ready that enables users to view business intelligence directly related to the companies and people they have meetings with. It works by integrating with the calendar (or calendars) the user has already synced to their mobile device.

It is possible to toggle between calendars within the app.

The user chooses whether or not to grant access and Artesian Ready never updates a user’s calendar appointments directly.

“Your Meetings” looks like this in the app:

Artesian Ready - Your Meetings
Where the app matches a meeting automatically, users will see the:

  • name of the company they are meeting
  • number of attendees
  • number of news articles available
  • number of chat messages between the user and colleagues attending the same meeting

External meetings are automatically linked to companies. Unmatched meetings and internal staff meetings can be matched manually if desired.  This feature allows users to search for, and associate, any of the 4 million UK companies in our database with the meeting.

Click on a matched meeting to see 4 tabs of information – Meeting, Chat, Stories and Company.

Artesian Ready - Meeting With
Users can send messages to colleagues attending the same meeting or pin relevant news articles in the Chat tab. Messages sent via the app are not visible to clients attending the meeting.

Artesian Ready - Chat Tab
View news for the company in the Stories tab, with Triggers highlighted in various colours. Click on an article heading to open the full article, or click to share the article via social media networks, email or SMS.

Artesian Ready - News Triggers
As with the Artesian platform, users can tap on the company name to view detailed company information including headline financial values, company twitter and linked in accounts, lists of Directors, and the company’s registered address (which links through to the phone’s mapping application).

Artesian Ready - Company Overview
See all the information Artesian has gathered about individual meeting attendees by clicking on their name. The app will display all available links to their LinkedIn profile, Tweets, profile photos, interests and role details as well as links to Facebook, AngelList and Crunchbase.

Artesian Ready - People Profile
This feature is particularly useful to users who want to research people on-the-go. Web links, attendee social media accounts, phone dialler, email composer and maps showing office locations can be opened direct from the mobile app.

We hope you find these new features helpful. If you are already an Artesian customer, then you can download the app from the app store for free.

Speak with your account manager for any help with implementation or visit the implementation guide.

To see Artesian in action, request a demo.