Artesian Solutions – 2018 A Year in Review

2018 was a huge year for Artesian Solutions. Not only for our team but also for the fantastic army of Artesian users who build their sales success and customer experiences with us.

So before I kick off a round-up of just why 2018 has been so fantastic I want to say thank you to our team, our customers, and our users for being part of this incredible Artesian community.

Your success is our goal

I recently read a quote which went “you can focus on adoption, retention, expansion, or advocacy; or you can focus on the customers’ Desired Outcome and get all of those things”. The success of our users is part of our DNA, and is without doubt the best possible testament of our success.

In 2018 Artesian reached 30,000+ users. Together they have tracked in excess of 800,000 businesses via our platform, have received 12.5 million actionable insights, 2.5m unique computational matches each week, automated the equivalent of 2 trillion Google searches per week (13bn per hour), and have made 523,813 useful connections using Artesian data.

One customer reported that they had uncovered 1,804 new opportunities in just 7 months with a sales order value of £10.9 million thanks to the insights delivered by Artesian.

There have been countless stories like this. We have helped our customers grow their revenue, exceed expectations, transform sales behaviours, achieve competitive advantage, and deliver great experiences to customers.

Just as importantly they have constantly fed back to us on how we can improve, and improve we have…

Investing in your success

Throughout 2018 we have continuously fed back into our engineering team the learnings, preferences and needs of our customers, and in return delivered robust, superior performance enhancements that not only accelerate our R&D programme, but solidify our position as a market leader in sales intelligence software.

Taking advantage of recent advances in technology and distributed processing techniques, Artesian’s customers received a 25x increase in the amount of historical content available to search and a 5x increase in raw speed of news queries, ensuring they get complex results faster than ever.

By migrating to Elasticsearch, we have also dramatically scaled up our server capacity, boosting the performance of our advanced architecture, enhancing our ability to analyse, filter and deliver results from raw unstructured data.

By improving our raw speed, complex search queries that previously took up to 6 seconds now take just 10 milliseconds, optimising our customers’ ability to uncover those all-important golden nuggets of insight at the exact moment they need them.

We also introduced new scoring and ranking algorithms enabling users to fine-tune their sales-trigger results even further, and implemented improved caching and load-balancing technology resulting in Artesian being capable of handling 10x the number of concurrent users, whilst ensuring performance remains incisive.

More than just technology

We realise that technology alone cannot transform the way you do business, which is why the Artesian training team has been so vital to improving sales behaviours and ensuring users get ongoing value and return on investment.

During 2018, the team delivered in excess of 350 training courses, workshops and webinar sessions to over 3,000 Artesian users, and delivered 1,200 pieces of online content via the Artesian Academy.

We are delighted that 95% of attendees rated their sessions as excellent or very good, with the same percentage reporting back that they would recommend undertaking Artesian training to their colleagues.

Don’t just take our word for it

We highly value accreditation and accolades that come directly as a result of user insight and reviews. This is why we were once again delighted to have been recognised by G2Crowd, the world’s leading business software review platform, and the voice of real users during 2018.

sales intelligence software grid for enterprise

Our overall rating increased to 4.4 stars, based on user reviews against a wide range of criteria including customer satisfaction, return on investment, and performance.

  • 95% of respondents gave Artesian 4 or 5 stars in the report
  • 91% of respondents praised the quality of support delivered
  • 90% were impressed with ease of use and ease of admin.

We were also shortlisted for several leading industry awards in 2018 – the British Excellence in Sales and Marketing Awards (BESMA), The InfoPro Digital and Insurtech Awards and The National Business Awards.

Rounding off a successful awards season Arti, our interactive AI platform developed by Volume AI won The Drum award for Best Use of Artificial Intelligence.

Giving back

In the last 12 months the Artesian team has taken part in events to raise money for The Dogs Trust, Macmillan Cancer Care, Save the Children, and Prostate and Breast Cancer Care to name but a few, with events ranging from cake sales and days off for volunteering, to bike rides and a planned Three Peaks Challenge.

In addition, our Brain of the City Quiz raised £2,000 for the Lord Mayor’s City Giving Day and we were awarded the City Giving Best Collaboration award.

Looking ahead

Next year promises to be just as exciting. 2019 will be the year we bring you ARCH, the Artesian Risk and Compliance Hub.

risk and compliance

According to McKinsey, the risk function within financial institutions will have a dramatically different role by 2025 with the detection, assessment, and mitigation of risk a part of the daily job of all bank employees and not only those in risk functions.

Artesian Solutions is leading the charge in this transformational change with its new ARCH solution – heralding in a new era of decision making within financial institutions compliance management.

Artesian Solutions already serves the majority of the major banks in the UK, providing powerful sales engagement insights to relationship managers. We have invested in our technology over many years, developing the knowledge and the technology to consume data in structured and un-structured formats, interpret that data to create useful flags and to drive appropriate actions.

Our platform sits at the heart of the corporate banking front-line. This puts us in a unique position to make insights regarding financial and KYC risks available to the front-line as a pre-screen, to ensure that corporate banking relationships begin with an appropriate understanding of risk.

ARCH gives companies control of a sophisticated decision engine to enable data being accessed to have rules applied and flags created. It means that Relationship Managers can see a summarised view of what their central risk teams assessment of a potential client would be, before spending time and money engaging with them. The automation aspect of this is fundamental as it brings efficiency, consistency and control to the areas it transforms.

But more than that, it places compliance at the heart of the business – front of mind for every member of staff, informing every decision, instructing every interaction and shaping every relationship from pre-screens for new customer prospecting through to long-standing client development.

The benefits of Artesian’s Risk and Compliance Hub are:

  • Reduction in time spent on accounts that can’t be on-boarded
  • Improved due diligence – improved ability to meet both regulatory and customer experience requirements
  • Allows compliance teams to focus on work which requires skill and experience
  • Full and transparent organisation wide collaboration
  • Automated audit trail and storage of evidence

In early tests ARCH has been 100% accurate in reflecting policy in pre-screening, has reduced the data gathering aspect of risk assessment by 90% and has identified 14% more risk issues compared with manual processing.

risk and compliance

We look forward to bringing you more on this very soon.

So to round off, I speak for everyone here at Artesian when I say a heartfelt thank you. We look forward to working with you in 2019 and wish you all a very happy, healthy and prosperous New Year.

– Andrew

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