Artesian Solutions Launches Artesian Ready Version 2.3

The latest iteration of its unique calendar application delivers a 360° view of customer’s world for advanced meeting preparation

Ready Product Release v2.3 - Artesian Solutions
Artesian Solutions, the managed software solution that provides contextual, relevant insight into organisations and markets in real time, for improved customer engagement and competitive advantage, is delighted to announce the launch of Artesian Ready Version 2.3.

The latest version of Artesian’s popular calendar linked mobile app, takes meeting preparation to the next level. Pulling through social insight from LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, corporate data sources, Angel List, and Crunchbase, it delivers a 360° comprehensive profile of customers and prospects ahead of meetings.

Saving precious time, Artesian Ready Version 2.3 summarises the profile information of attendees into the meeting tab for quick reference, ensuring users feel confident and prepared, and that the focus of the meeting is on the customer, their exact needs and interests, at that very moment in time.

But more than this, Artesian Ready Version 2.3 allows users to view Twitter timelines for specific customers, as well as favourite, share their posts, and forward them on to colleagues by SMS and email directly from within the application for improved collaboration.

“Artesian Ready continues to transform the way sales people prepare for meetings. It delivers the latest social profile insight straight to users’ fingertips, right up to the very second they go through the meeting room door, for the ultimate in readiness and customer engagement. Its summer launch is very timely, offering a real opportunity to brush off the dust, re-invigorate meetings with new ideas and fresh thinking, and get back into gear ahead of September.”

Hot on the heels of Artesian Version 14, these exciting new enhancements to the Artesian Ready mobile app are available on both iOS and Android via the Apple App Store and Google Play.

Free to all Artesian users – download the implementation guide and transform your meeting preparation today!

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