Artesian’s new online refresher certification (& why you should start the course)

Technology alone cannot transform sales behaviours – why you need to invest in training

Some people feel training can be just another ‘tick box procedure’ that fills them with dread.

But B2B sales is a fast-paced and ever-evolving industry, (like who’s using Artificial Intelligence?) so it’s important to constantly provide your teams with the skills and knowledge they need to remain competitive, hit hard to reach targets and provide your customers with the best possible experience of engaging with your business.

Sales training is a demonstration of your investment in your people. Training often can make them feel valued, re-motivated to perform to the best of their abilities and ultimately improves employee satisfaction rates.

Happy colleagues, happy customers.

With Artesian, you have access to a team of experts who help you implement the service and foster a customer curious culture across your organisation.

Artesian is more than a tool – it’s a way of selling more effectively

People get into bad habits, and also the service is constantly evolving, with new releases every quarter; as a result in some cases, users fail to take advantage of the whole platform.

Have you ever considered if your team are using each feature to its fullest potential from prospecting, assessing financial data, to becoming a social selling champion?

We want to help you get the most from your Artesian subscription in terms of both ongoing value for your teams and ROI.

Trained users typically see usage scores 23% higher than untrained users of the service and this has a direct impact on their performance.

Users in the top two levels of engagement are most likely to be displaying the behaviours of high performing sellers, as a result, they typically:

  • Generate 38% more prospects and opportunities
  • See a 24% uplift in accelerated results
  • Achieve 40% improvement in sales productivity
  • Realise a 34% improvement in credibility and relevancy

Keep your team on track to success – introducing Artesian’s new online refresher certification

Perfect for someone who has had some time away from Artesian or hasn’t found time to attend a training session in the last 12 months (we get it, life can get a little busy at times).

Each of the four bite-sized, self-paced refresher training sessions last only 10 minutes to complete and takes the user from base principles to Superuser:

  1. Portfolio Refresh: Make sure profile is set up correctly, that the right companies are being followed, that the right insights are being delivered
  2. Uncovering Insight: Refresh knowledge on how to research companies and sectors, see the latest news and social media content, understand the financials and people intelligence available
  3. Update Prospect Lists: A quick refresh on how to quickly and effectively identify new business opportunities
  4. Become a Super User: Gain exclusive access to the Artesian Superuser pathway

See what you are missing out on by not being on the Superuser Pathway here.


The benefits of refresher training for business leaders:

  • Know that your teams are maximising their use of the service,
  • Identify opportunities and minimising risk in sales team portfolios
  • Allow individuals to accrue hours towards their professional development and CPD accreditation
  • Improve user adoption rates and ensure ongoing value and ROI from the service

Put your trust in us

A recent survey conducted over a representative cross-section of 1,000 users that have undertaken Artesian training found that:

  • 95% of respondents rated their Artesian Training session Excellent or Very Good on a 5 point scale.
  • 98% would recommend a colleague attend an artesian training session.
  • The post-training NPS is +66.08. Some specific client groups were over +85

Ready to turbocharge your sales teams effectiveness? Click here to download our refresher training programme details.

Alternatively, login to your Artesian account and head over to the Learn tab. You’ll find the Refresher Certification within the Artesian Academy.