ARCH for Commercial Lines Underwriters

Automated Underwriting

Artesian Risk & Compliance Hub (ARCH) is a service for enabling commercial teams and underwriters to carry out an automated risk screen on a prospective client in order to quickly assess the structured and unstructured data sources available for a business.

With ARCH, Insurers can make decisions faster; they can improve their ability to segment risks effectively; they can improve both their clients’ and distributors’ customer experience and they can reduce their operating costs:

Know Earlier (Don’t waste time on quotes that may be out of appetite and set broker expectations)

Know More (Improve underwriting standards with automated access to all available data sources and comprehensive media searches)

Respond Faster (Automate all calculations instantly, segment workload, particularly renewals and flag issues)

Refer to this two pager for how ARCH enables Underwriters to underwrite.

Artesian’s Risk & Compliance Hub is a service which can be demonstrated and configured for each individual Artesian customer and is delivered through the current platform.