Artesian Training: How we are ensuring B2B sellers make their best Coronavirus comeback

It has become clear, that early adopters of digital sales enablement have been in better shape to face the challenges imposed by the Coronavirus.

But as the brakes on the economy are slowly released it is more important than ever for B2B sellers to get prepared, boost skills and adapt to the new normal while working to maintain motivation, customer engagement and productivity (both for themselves and their wide team).

This is particularly important for B2B sellers that have been furloughed or redeployed during the crisis.

If this is you then the chances are you will have been missing important changes in your customer ecosystems, and you will be behind the curve when it comes to adapting quickly to a dramatic shift in both your working environment and that of your customers and prospects.

Making the most of digital sales enablement tools to keep close to customers, boosting sales skills and changing sales behaviours to reinvent for the new normal will be vital.

However, according to the Mercer 2020 Global Talent Trends Study whilst 78% of employees say they are ready to reskill (or upskill), executives believe only 45% of their current workforce can adapt.

This is something Artesian is on a mission to change!

It’s our belief that smart B2B sellers should be investing in their future now, not only so that they can survive the crisis, but so that they can plan their big comeback – adapting to the new normal post-COVID-19, as well as realising new opportunities via new ways of working, new sales behaviours and advanced data-driven sales strategies and customer engagement tactics.

Boost your resilience to a changing B2B sales environment

Refresher training and upskilling to ensure you shine in the digital B2B sales present will help you ride out and survive the coronavirus crisis – adjusting to long term home working and engaging with buyers at a social distance.

But looking to the future, by investing in training during lockdown you have the opportunity to reinvent yourself, reframe how to engage with a deeper understanding of customer needs, and bring renewed levels creativity to how you solve problems and realise opportunities.

Investing in yourself now will pay huge dividends. Helping you lead and add value, become your most powerful advocate (and advocate of your brand) and operate with increased agility, productivity and proactivity.

For sales leaders, as society and working environments change, investing in your staff now by providing them with the digital tools they need, and importantly the wrap-around training and support to get the best out of them will help you retain the brightest and best B2B sellers.

Artesian has pivoted its training delivery for you

Whilst Artesian has always offered digital training options including webinars, self-paced online training modules and video workshops, as well as our core on-site face-to-face training sessions, as we approached lockdown we were quick to realise that this would need to change our approach and delivery.

Artesian’s learning and enablement team recognised, well before we entered lockdown, that the blended approach would no longer meet your needs in an almost entirely digital B2B sales world.

We spent a lot of time and invested a lot of effort to make our own digital pivot. From day one of lockdown, we were ready – replacing our face-to-face sessions with highly interactive video training sessions on (yes you guessed it) Zoom.

These sessions are longer, with more opportunities to ask questions, highly engaging coaching methods, polls, annotations and clear downloadable content.

The switch was so seamless that not one pre-booked session was missed and not one cancellation requested (either by us or our customers), and we were able to amend arrangements, dates and times to accommodate working from home requirements.

In fact, our training sessions are up 113% (compared to this time last year), with 131% more attendees from the Artesian family!

This demonstrates that the desire to refresh skills and be ready to make a comeback is there amongst the B2B sales community.

Our users recognise the importance of reinforcing best practice sales behaviours and the resetting of attitudes of complacency that can come into play after long periods of time in lockdown. They also see the benefit of getting the very best out of our tool to give them the edge as we move towards a “new normal”.

Trained users typically see usage scores 23% higher than untrained users of our service and this has a direct impact on their performance.

Interacting and engaging users of Artesian are most likely to be displaying the behaviours of high performing sellers as a result they typically:

  • Generate 38% more prospects and opportunities
  • See a 24% uplift in accelerated results
  • Achieve 40% improvement in sales productivity
  • Realise a 34% improvement in credibility and relevancy


Survive, Revive, Thrive – the Artesian Back to Business Initiative

We have also launched our new back to business toolkit and training programme to furloughed or re-deployed Artesian users, focussed entirely on helping them get back up to speed quickly.

How to refresh their prospect list and use our COVID filter to identify what has happened with customers and prospects, markets and sector trends while they were away.  How to identify immediate risks in the customer base, and likewise how to quickly spot opportunities or customers in need of help. back to business toolkit

Get ready to back your coronavirus comeback with Artesian

A recent survey conducted over a representative cross-section of 1,000 users that have undertaken Artesian training found that:

  • 95% of respondents rated their Artesian Training session Excellent or Very Good on a 5 point scale
  • 98% would recommend a colleague attend an Artesian training session
  • The post-training NPS is +66.08. Some specific client groups were over +85

Ready to make your comeback? Click here for more information on how Artesian can get you back up to speed.