What does it mean to be a B2B thought leader in 2021, and how Artesian can help raise your profile?

What is the impact of thought leadership on business generation?

According to a recent survey by Edelman, companies with the best ability to produce timely, thought-provoking thought leadership content are much more adept than their competitors at capturing their customers’ attention and turning that attention into positive results.

According to respondents – made up of B2B decision-makers and CXOs from around the globe – strong thought leadership content not only strengthens a company’s reputation but also positively impacts RFP invitations, wins, pricing and cross-selling that occurs post-sale:

  • 89% of decision-makers say that thought leadership can be reputation enhancing
  • 49% of decision-makers say thought leadership influences purchasing decisions
  • 50% of decision-makers spend at least an hour every week reading thought leadership content

I think it’s fair to say the impact of thought leadership on business generation is vast, and that you need to be doing it!

Don’t waste the opportunity

The chances are your company is doing some pretty innovative stuff. Your R&D people and product development teams are coming up with cutting-edge new processes, ideas, services or products to help your customers.

This innovation puts you ahead of the game helping you promote new ways of working, find new opportunities and work smarter.

It also gives you and the opportunity to establish yourself as an influencer/thought leader/game changer/trusted advisor/go-to resource – all those buzzwords we see every day but all too often don’t think apply to us!

Great, but what if you don’t know where to start?

Spot it, use it, share it

A common problem for B2B sales leaders is that they have difficulty knowing what topics will drive traffic and leads.

That’s an easy one. The Artesian Topic Cloud allows you to filter for the specific types of news you are interested in and hot button topics your customers need to know about.

Thought leadership typically address cutting edge issues and innovation that open up new opportunities for audiences to jump on.

For this, you need that all-important first-mover advantage.

Again easy. Artesian engagement triggers help you filter down to find the most up to date insights about innovation, opportunities and challenges, and key issues affecting specific customer segments.

Top tip – we can also provide you with ready-made innovation influencer watchlists to help you spot trends and act on them faster.

But we don’t just help you spot trends for use in thought leadership outreach, we also make it easy to share your insights directly from within the platform – whether that be via a new Tweet or LinkedIn post – and monitor how your connections respond to it.

The Artesian Influence page shows you if the news articles, blogs and tweets you are sharing via Artesian are hitting the mark.

Whenever you share a link to an article through Artesian you can track how many times the articles you share have been clicked on.

This will help you to identify which content is relevant and engaging to your audience – an invaluable insight for anyone trying to start a conversation with a prospect!

Grasp the opportunity and spot trailblazing innovation

I’ll leave you with one final fact from the Edelman study – Only 17% of B2B decision-makers rate the quality of most of the thought leadership they read as very good or excellent.

There is a massive opportunity right there and Artesian makes grasping that opportunity easy.

Open to all license holders, this interactive session will give you advanced techniques in spotting trailblazing innovation.

Stand out amongst your peers, competition and to your customers by sharing thought leadership, trends and cutting edge technology, all while leveraging inventive ways to use Artesian’s latest features.

spot trailblazing innovation

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