Biggest ever Artesian release: What does this mean for you?

Artesian Product Update

Longstanding Artesian customers are used to seeing their service grow over time, but even they will be impressed with what we have achieved in the latest release. It’s our biggest yet, stacked full of customer requests, new features and some new innovations you didn’t know you needed but won’t be able to live without!

Here is a quick taster of what you will find in Artesian when you have been updated. If you want to see them in action, register for our New Release Webinar.

New User Interface

There is so much in the Artesian box nowadays that we felt it needed a rethink, so we reviewed the most popular ways people use the service, moved some things around to make it more intuitive and packaged it all up into a newly styled UI. The experience on mobile devices has also been completely refreshed.

This refresh has meant that some options have moved – if you can’t find what you want, our support team will be glad to help!


Colour-coded Triggers in Email alerts

You loved it when we started colour-coding your Triggers in the web UI, so we decided to do the same with email alerts. The colours help you digest and action trigger stories from your inbox faster than ever before.

Artesian Triggers

Insight Agents for Salesforce Opportunities

If you use Artesian with Salesforce

, the Opportunity Stage view now includes a personal Insight Agent which monitors your pipeline and uses your preferences to guide you towards relevant news triggers at each stage of your pipeline. It provides a step change in productivity and customer engagement, enabling you to focus on the most important aspects of your most critical deals.

Insight Agents for Salesforce Opportunities

Company Keywords

More ways to filter and control over insights for high profile companies – combine topics with your own keywords

If you have been using Artesian for a while you will know about the power of topic filters, but sometimes its useful to be able to add a personal filter such as a product, division or concept. Well, now you can. You can add any number of keywords or phrases to a company, and the news will be filtered down to articles that mention them. Your topic filters still apply.

Keyword filters affect all news for this company across the platform, so Company News, Email Alerts, Artesian Ready and your CRM panels will all show the same filtered information.

New, easier to access Topic Filters

Artesian topic filters are amazing but you told us they were too well hidden, so we have made them easier to access – straight from the watchlist view.

Tailoring the topics available to all users

We now also offer a tailored service for Administrators to specify the topics seen by all users. You can do anything from adding your own specific topics to building an entire tailored topic taxonomy. Contact your Customer Success Manager for more details.

Watchlist data export (aka ‘Reverse prospector’)

‘Prospector’ export for the data relating to companies in a Watchlist

If there were a prize for our most requested feature in the past 12 months, this would win it!

From Watchlist Settings page, select “Export Company Data” and all the companies in that watchlist will be exported. The format of the export file is identical to Prospector exports, so if you have created your own Excel templates or CRM imports, they won’t need to be changed.

Watchlist - aka reverse prospector

Company Search

Improvements across the board – better matching, more synonyms, groupings and other refinements

Companies don’t always make their names easy to find, particularly in the US. We are always looking for ways to make the process of adding them even easier. In this release there have been loads of changes behind the scenes to improve and speed up your company search and load experience. Check it out by searching for a company or using the Add Companies option to load them in bulk.

More contacts and email addresses for UK companies

Added 3 million more UK contacts, and doubled the number of contacts with email addresses

Not only does this provide you with more ways to connect with your users, but more email addresses also means that the Social Network integration on the People tab is more likely to match with the users. This also applies to the Calendar integration in the Artesian Ready mobile app, where you can check out news, LinkedIn and Twitter for the people you are about to meet while you are on the way.

‘Hotness’ for US customers

The wait is over for US users! Now you too can build more accurate Prospector lists by identifying companies with recent business news topics. Artesian Hotness combines Prospector with news triggers, enabling you to ask questions like “Give me a list of Manufacturing companies in Boston and Rhode Island with a 5 Star credit rating, then show the ones showing signs of International Expansion.

This was a game-changer when we introduced it to the UK a few years ago. The US service is now fully synced with the UK.

Hotness for US Artesian customers 


The Artesian Academy has been further beefed up, and now includes a radical and fun alternative to classroom training. Artesian Certification ensures you are fully aware of what is available within Artesian, and is also particularly useful for onboarding new users.

Artesian Certification

And more…

· New UK Prospector filter: Auditor fees

· Leaderboard to show you how your Social Seller score compares with your peers


Give it a go, and don’t forget you can log in directly from the Artesian website.