Four Quick and Easy Ways to Boost Conversions

Doing things the way you’ve always done them is not the way to get business done today.  Cold calling, conversations at trade conferences and taking your customers out on long lunches are becoming less and less relevant as many of the traditional face-to-face sales opportunities are replaced by online networking.

Becoming a social seller is about changing your approach and building new habits.  The first of those habits is to become more proactive.

Social sellers are not driven solely by their diaries, physical meetings and follow-up actions. Instead they build in time to each and every day to research their customers, grow their network, share and to build their reputation. They find time to listen and engage and in doing so they are better informed, connected, in control and ultimately better sellers.

Here are four quick and easy ways to start making the transition:

1. Know your market

By definition market trends are always changing. There is always something new to discuss with customers and a fresh angle to inform your interactions. By tuning into market leaders, analysts and commentators you will grow your understanding of the events and people that are influencing buying decisions.

  • Profile your market and your buyers
  • Take a few notes
  • Make lists of who the key influencers are, what is trending etc.
  • Understand themes, key words, search terms and hashtags and how to use them
  • Don’t just do this once a week, build a daily digital picture

2. Know your Buyer

A quick glance at the corporate web site tells you very little; whilst online and social sources can help you understand where their priorities are.  Take the time to know your buyer, the company that employs them, the people they work and the issues that they are facing.

  • Make notes on what you know about your buyer
  • Read their whitepapers, blog posts, infographics and editorials
  • Build a list of the search engine keywords they use
  • Make a list of their preferred social platforms and sign up to them

3. Don’t wait for information to fall into your lap

Sellers that wait for information to come to them are simply not keeping up.

There are almost 300 million individuals on LinkedIn, over 500 million tweets posted every day, and bloggers commenting on almost every conceivable topic.  Your customers and prospective customers are all accessing this information, which presents a golden opportunity to understand what is meaningful to them.  Understanding your customer’s problem cannot be left to anyone else and no-one is waiting for you to catch up.

  • Look for synergies between your company and theirs
  • What market problems and opportunities do they face? What can you gain from exploiting these and what insights can you deliver personally to help?
  • What are the metrics that matter most to them? Why could your solution have an impact and what can you do to make them rethink their status quo?

4. Use your time wisely

Your job is sales, but in reality you probably spend most of your day reading and responding to emails, and collaborating with your colleagues.  No doubt valuable activities, but they are probably slowing down progress towards closing your next big sale.  Start your proactive social selling journey, by restructuring your day to ensure you spend at least 60% of your time selling.

Being proactive in Artesian

Artesian allows you to understand and follow companies in lists that make sense to you.  Whether that be separate ones for customers and prospects or more specific lists that reflect your territory, sector etc., there are no boundaries.  We take the hassle out of research and deliver the information you need every day to become a proactive social seller and boost your conversion rate.

Why not take a look at our guide The first steps to becoming a Social Seller and find out more about the benefits of proactivity and more things you can do to generate leads and boost conversions.