Breakfast Roundtable: Client Engagement in a Hard Market

Join Artesian, DueDil and AXA for a facilitated discussion on how to optimise client engagement in a hard insurance market 

Covid-19 accelerated the hardening of the UK (and global) insurance market, a trend that was already emerging pre-pandemic. Insurer capacity is tougher to come by, competition is limited, premium rates are increasing, coverage is contracting, and insurers are being more selective with risks, and disinclined to negotiate terms. A perfect storm for commercial insurance brokers and underwriters. 

So how can you optimise client engagement in a hard market?

Staying Connected

Optimised or contextualised client engagement is no longer just a thought or a nice to have, but a necessity in a hardening insurance market. 

Whether it be harnessing AI and machine learning automation to free up time for stakeholder engagement, improving prospecting, or surfacing unique insights for tailored service provision, building customised insurance and relationship building. Or how about layering structured and unstructured data over customer and market know-how for improved risk analysis, advanced underwriting submissions and triage.

There are many ways leading commercial insurance professionals are harnessing technology to optimise engagement, win in a hard market, and ensure they stay ahead when better days return. 

Join Artesian, DueDil, AXA for a roundtable discussion on the hardening insurance market and how to harness the power data and insight to remove the barriers to growth

On Wednesday 10th November 2021, Artesian and strategic partner DueDil will be joined by guest facilitator David Williams of AXA, as well as a host of other senior insurance industry executives for a lively debate and exchange of views on one of the most pressing issues facing the insurance industry in 2021.

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Hosted at the iconic 1 Lombard Street, where the City meets for breakfast, this unmissable event starts at 8:30am.

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