10 ways to build buyers’ trust with Social Selling

When a customer chooses to place their business with you, they are also placing their reputation and possibly even their career in your hands.  No wonder they a cautious about their business decision making process!

Three quarters of customers reach out to their network for social proof that the decisions they make are the right ones.  Your digital presence, and the evidence your digital footprint presents, is critical to both your success and theirs.

Social Sellers that demonstrate they are genuinely in service to their customers are rewarded with a sales-boosting online reputation, and a wealth of new opportunities.

10 quick ways to build social proof that you are the trusted partner buyers are looking for:

  1. Share your successes and problems you have solved
  2. Share the lessons you have learned along the way
  3. Share lessons you have learned from others within your network
  4. Impart advice on LinkedIn groups
  5. Comment on blogs
  6. Look for prospects with similar problems to the ones you have already solved, listen to them and respond
  7. Ask for introductions and referrals to those in your customers’ networks who might have similar problems
  8. Ask for LinkedIn recommendations from your customers and business partners
  9. Ask your customers to share their stories of working with you via case studies
  10. Respond quickly when customers reach out to their network with questions

This is not unconditional giving

It might seem that all of this is unconditional giving on your part, but don’t be fooled.  Social selling in this way is a fair exchange of value.  In an online world buyers and sellers alike enjoy information parity.  If you share with them, they will share with you.

Being in service to your customers is nothing new; it has always been the right way to conduct business.  The difference in today’s informed and connected world is that it is no longer an option.  The world works out loud, but for it to be a rewarding world you need to pay attention and adapt.

Let clever science help

Artesian can help you demonstrate how you are in service to your customers.  Our social selling solution tracks intelligence on your customers and prospects from millions of online resources, filters it, and then delivers straight to you every day.  These fresh, at-a-glance insights will ensure you always have something useful to say, and set the right tone for interacting with your customers and demonstrating that you are working in their best interest.

Want to know more, take a free Test Drive today.


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