Buyers are researching sellers, but it’s not one way traffic

It shouldn’t be a surprise to you by now that buying behaviour is transforming rapidly and will continue to do so.

They (read we, anyone who intends to buy) have less loyalty and like to conduct their own research and come to their own conclusion about a product or service.

The more transactional the cycle, the less opportunity to make an impact as a seller, the more complex, the more expectation on the delivery of value.

This changing dynamic is also leaving a window of opportunity for sellers to do their research on accounts and buyers before they make their approach.

Yes tools like Artesian will help you intersect with the right message at the right time but when was the last time you looked into and truly understood a buyer?

According to The Consensus Scale published by the Harvard Business Review, 5.4 individuals will influence a buying decision in the average B2B decision process.

Power Base Selling by Jim Holden is a great book and provides guidance on how to detect and influence a buyers decision process. In my opinion although it’s an outstanding compass and its principle will be timeless, the method to obtain this information is now completely open.

The first wave of millennials are turning 35 and are key to this change in behaviour.

Social sites such as Twitter and LinkedIn mean you can be where your customers are and influence them and understand their influence circles in easier fashion. Open conversations are happening and are a great research tool for sellers.

Those that see them as additional overhead in my opinion may get left behind.

The change in the last 5 years has been unprecedented, the change in the next 5 years will be even quicker. Who knows how long this opportunity will last?

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