Can Sales Remain Manual?

According to IBM, every day we create 2.5 quintillion bytes of data — so much that 90% of the data in the world today has been created in the last two years alone. To track and analyse such a vast amount of data requires far more compute power than any human brain is capable of.

But data is not the only force at work. The very nature of today’s digital and connected world has created a crowded marketplace, with customers desiring a more tailored experience and deeper level of engagement. Today’s sales professionals need:

  • The ability to make decision faster than ever
  • Speedy lead qualification
  • Improved forecast accuracy
  • Delivery of bespoke, ‘hyper personalised’ sales and marketing propositions
  • Optimised engagement at every stage of the sales process
  • Improved ongoing customer success and relationship management
  • Identification of new customer segments and opportunities

Quite a challenge! This is why implementing Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Based Learning (MBL) algorithms as part of the B2B technology stack will offer a whole new horizon for sellers.

Imagine a world where sellers have a virtual assistant, one that doesn’t just capture and crunch data, and service insight, but simultaneously analyses behavioural history and real-time buying patterns (perhaps even as conversations are taking place). Imagine this virtual assistant could highlight the engagement strategies that are working and for whom, deliver smart recommendations and predictions on which messages will work best and exactly when to make an approach, based on razor-sharp customer segmentation and real time understanding of buying sentiment. Imagine it could drill down into core desires, needs and wants for hyper-personalisation of pipeline opportunities.

Sounds like something out of science fiction, but the AI evolution is already upon us.

Discover everything:

Big gains have already been made here. Software vendors have taken up the data and business intelligence challenge – analysing, filtering and presenting the actionable insights of greatest value to sellers from the almost unfathomable amounts of data created every day. The bot will take this one step further, using natural language processing and machine based learning to dig deeper into real time data sets no matter how quickly they arrive, or how big they are, to improve analysis accuracy and relevance, enhance decision making speed and business process, and ultimately improve understanding of the customer and what’s driving them at any given moment.

Predict everything:

This is perhaps where the majority of innovation is happening. Predictive analytics open up the opportunity to not only make decisions quicker and perform tasks faster, but to understand where the customer journey will go next, the actions to be taken buying decisions now, next week and in the months to come for a more sophisticated sales strategy.

Action everything:

Where development is moving next. Utilising machine interaction, natural language processing and chat bots to automate key activities such as information gathering, research on buying behaviours and trends, due diligence, and answering customer questions in real time, leaving the seller free to undertake more strategic decision making and human-touch relationship building tasks with an even greater level of clarity.

No touch point left unturned, no opportunity missed.

Get ahead of the game with natural language processing & predictive analytics:

The best AI solutions of the future will not be built on algorithms alone, but on a rich understanding of the B2B sales landscape and how automation via predictive analytics, MBL, Natural Language Processing and AI bots will improve decision making, business processes and customer interaction.

A big investment! Choose a trusted partner that has the right pedigree in data mining, the most advanced sales intelligence delivery platform, and background of working with innovative sales leaders.

Look at what they have learned from their journey so far.

Ask questions of how they see the AI world evolving in the coming months and years, how they are embracing the latest technology advances, and investing in R&D and integrations that will have the biggest impact in the world of sales.