Client Engagement in a Hard Market

Join Artesian, Aston Lark, PIB Insurance Brokers and Zywave for a deep-dive debate into how data and insights can help optimise client engagement in a hard insurance market

Let me ask you a question? Is this the most challenging insurance market you’ve ever experienced?

Demand for insurance is exceeding supply for the first time in 20 years. Capacity is tougher to come by, competition is limited, premium rates are increasing, coverage is contracting, and insurers are being more selective with risks, and disinclined to negotiate terms. Similarly, underwriting standards have tightened significantly.

A hard insurance market will traditionally only soften when new capital is injected into the market ‒ this is usually done by new market entrants. However, these days it’s rare for new insurance companies to start up and get past all the regulation and security ratings, therefore don’t expect to see new capital entering for a long period of time. So, what can be done?

It may seem counterintuitive to spend on new tools and technologies when business is tough, but think again…

Leveraging modern data and analytics tools and technologies is the best way to win in a hard market, and ensure you stay ahead when better days return.

Join Artesian, Aston Lark, PIB Insurance Brokers and Zywave for a forum discussion on how to optimise client engagement in a hard market.   

On Tuesday 19th October 2021, Andrew Yates, CEO and Co-Founder at Artesian will be joined by Martin Camp, Divisional Director, Head of New Business at Aston Lark, Richard Blackburn, Managing Director North East Region at PIB Insurance Brokers and Fay Reinhold-Shor, UK Regional Manager at Zywave for a deep dive debate into the state of the market, combating relationship strain and how to drive a return to better days by harnessing data science.

This unmissable event starts at midday. Be part of the conversation.