Creating a positive digital culture – the key to getting the most out of Artesian

We know our technology works – that it’s disrupting traditional sales and marketing strategies, and making our 30,000 users more successful.

But getting the most out of Artesian, or indeed any digital technology roll out is about more than the tech itself. Just as important is the ability to build a positive digital culture.

As part of our Meeting of Minds webinar series we met Professor Simeon Yates, Director of Digital Culture at the University of Liverpool, and Director of the Institute of Cultural Capital (ICC). Professor Yates recently conducted a survey of more than 3,000 UK workers to uncover the factors that determine whether digital roll-outs succeed in businesses.

Of course, you may think the solution is easy – recruit a whole bunch of millennials – they love tech and social media right?! But in fact, according to the research, a strong digital culture ranks far higher than an employees’ IT aptitude or experience.

So what are the best ways to ensure your investment in Artesian delivers on the promise?

Clear digital leadership Having a digital vision is one thing, but equally as important is taking the time to ensure that everyone within the business is on board, understands the bigger picture, and feels equipped to undertake the digital journey with you. This leadership has to come right from the top of the business.

Fostering positive attitudes  We are habitual creatures by nature. That’s why forcing a change that disrupts the status quo can often be met with resistanceThe more time you spend consulting with your team, and building a culture that nurtures acceptance of change and belief in the benefits, the more effective the implementation will be.

Limit organisational barriers The importance of planning cannot be under estimated. Prior to roll-out, assess your structure, processes, legacy issues and any old school ways of working to pinpoint potential barriers to success

Good communications Don’t just fire off an email. Employees still value face-to-face interaction, dedicated training and clear articulation of how the new digital technology will impact them specifically

We know our technology is clever, but we also know that it can’t transform the way business gets done on its own. What Professor Yates is saying profoundly resonates with our own experience.

The clients that get the most out of Artesian are the ones who focus not just on the technology but also on culture, leadership, communication, training and support.

That’s why Artesian is not an out-of-the box solution – we don’t believe in simply giving you the technology and walking away. We wrap around it:

  • Access to experts to help with implementation, and fostering a digitally-positive and customer curious culture
  • Bespoke training and development opportunities
  • Customer success managers that work with users to understand their goals, and help them adopt the best practice behaviours needed to achieve them
  • User evaluations which ensure ongoing adoption and value.

Want to hear more about Professor Yates’ research? Take a peak at our short video and find out more about how Artesian is helping create both digital transformation and cultural change.