Disrupting the CRM Hype Cycle

CRM Hype Cycle

Gartner have once again published their Hype Cycle for CRM Sales report. A useful market barometer for businesses evaluating the many emerging and maturing technologies in CRM for sales, in order to improve their sales execution roadmap.

Once again it’s great to see that application advancements and new capabilities are taking big strides through the cycle to drive improvements in user experience, productivity, commercially valuable insight delivery, and customer experience (CX).

We’re proud to see that Artesian’s technology and innovation has been highlighted as a key vendor in three key areas of the report:

MDM and Social Data

We talk a lot about the value of having a 360° view of the customer ecosystem – what is mission critical in their world and their market, what pain are they feeling, and what’s happening with their people, their customers and suppliers?  Gartner agrees, describing Master Data Management (MDM) and social data technologies as a “must have”, a pervasive component in overall customer experience, CRM, business operations and regulatory compliance.

MDM and Social Data appears at the peak of Gartner’s Hype Cycle, but it’s not all hot air. Emerging technological advances such as those being undertaken by Artesian are already delivering tangible benefits to customers as part of a wider product suit focused on improving customer relationships and sales engagements.

Social for Sales

Whilst considered an established technology, there is still a long-term business benefit in social sales tools. The key, as Gartner so rightly puts it, lies in broadening out the scope of use cases across the business – such as utilising these technologies to foster closer collaboration between sales and marketing.

Businesses embracing the challenge of integrated sales and marketing strategies by utilising social, understand that working together creates value-driven, and consistent, customer engagement at every touchpoint. A key ingredient in future revenue growth.

Business Information Services for Sales

Artesian has taken a leading position in innovation in this area, taking sales enablement tools beyond the delivery of firmographic data and intelligently combining it with real-time news, key word triggers, contextual insight and behavioural learning techniques. The result? More meaningful insights that align directly with sales objectives.

Where will the Hype Cycle go next?

Without doubt, next year’s report will focus more heavily on the impact of Artificial Intelligence (AI) on each stage of the hype cycle.

This year’s report touches on the development of predictive analytics, machine learning algorithms and AI bots, and how these will further drive optimisation and sales productivity via faster data-driven analytical insight.  Gartner is keeping a keen eye on vendor developments in this space.

Paving the way for Enterprise Sales and Relationship Managers

Investment in new and emerging technologies is huge, but so are the potential returns. Reports such as this one produced by Gartner are a great place to start, but before you make your move, take the time to ask questions of the leading vendors and understand their medium/long-term innovation goals. How do they see the sales world evolving in the coming months and years? How are they embracing the latest technology advances? Where are they investing in R&D and integrations that will have the biggest impact in your world?

Artesian is not only disrupting the CRM Hype Cycle now, but is also leading the evolution of AI technologies into practical business applications. Our latest release is the first milestone in our ‘big idea’ – the use of AI and related technologies to make sense of structured and unstructured data, predict customer needs, automate and direct pipeline activities, and deliver hyper-personalised communications and custom marketing. This builds on our leading enterprise engagement platform, to establish the foundations of an Artificial Intelligence future that promises a revolution in customer relationships and marketing effectiveness. This product release represents the culmination of months of behind-the-scenes R&D activity, based on an incredibly rich understanding of the enterprise B2B landscape through the eyes of some of the biggest and most influential companies in the world.