Field Guide to Sales Intelligence Vendors

Sales Intelligence Vendors 2018

The informed buyer is the customer curious buyer, always conducting thorough research before ever reaching out. But the amount of information out there is growing every single day making the task ever more onerous and time consuming – a clear dilemma in the making for the B2B sales professional.

Sales Intelligence vendors offer a real game changing opportunity – helping B2B sales reps answer questions such as which accounts should I target, who should I call, when should I call, and what should I say?

The more advanced services, marry structured company and contact information with unstructured insights such as news, sales triggers, business descriptions, company financials and filings, and deliver these golden nuggets via web browsers, CRMs, and mobile devices. Investment in sales intelligence vendors can therefore deliver significant gains in terms of:

  • Lead Prospecting
  • Lead Qualification
  • Account Planning
  • Selling Deeper into an Organization
  • Account Monitoring via News and Sales Triggers
  • Social Selling

A complex purchasing decision

Despite the clear benefits, committing your organisation to its latest software license is certainly not something to be taken lightly – are you selecting the right vendor? Are you getting the best functionality at the right price? Will it deliver an acceptable return on investment?  Will it improve productivity? Will it generate competitive advantage? Is it futureproof?

When it comes to the purchase of Sales intelligence vendors, it is becoming an increasingly complex and strategic decision. Many stakeholders across the business often provide input, whether that’s sales, marketing, customer success, CTO, procurement or others. So where do you turn for advice and reassurance that the vendor and solution you choose is indeed the right match for your business?

The answer is independent sources – referrals from those you know or trusted industry experts. Which is why we are delighted to see the publication of GZ Consulting’s “The Sales leader’s Guide to Sales Intelligence Vendors – Advice for Buying Committees and Sales Operations”.

Compare and contrast

This guide has been produced in response to the growing complexity and diversity in the sales intelligence market, and lack of segment-specific reports by technology analysts. It offers a great opportunity to better understand the dynamism of the market and compare vendors like-for-like on the metrics that matter most to you – for example, how are they are evolving to integrate with CRMs and marketing automation platforms, how good is their mobile delivery platform, and are they experimenting with predictive analytics to enhance sales behaviours and deliver futureproof ROI?

The report offers a great set of tips to facilitate the vendor selection process, by paying close attention to:

  • Quality of support and speed of deployment
  • User interface / usability
  • Practicing what vendors preach (or “eating their own dog food”)
  • The balance between quantitative and qualitative metrics
  • Validation and comparison
  • Advocacy and peer review
  • Pricing
  • Wider business value
  • Training and ease of adoption
  • Reporting

True independent advice is fundamental in ensuring the sales intelligence vendor that underpins your sales intelligence strategy is the right choice. We think this is a great guide that will help you successfully navigate your way through key use cases, answer your overarching questions, and assess vendors based on like-for-like comparison.

Click here to download the full guide to sales intelligence vendors 2018.

Field Guide to Sales Intelligence