GDPR: Generate Deeper Profitable Relationships

GDPR = Generate Deeper Profitable Relationships

With the threat of significant fines for non-compliance, you can be forgiven for thinking customers and prospects can no longer be contacted without their explicit permission in the new GDPR world.

But part of the rules for processing data are based on ‘legitimate interest’. Simply, if you can justify why it’s in your organisation’s or the contact’s interest to hold their data, you may not be in breach of regulations.

The GDPR reinforces best-practice data capture and management techniques. It’s about seeing the bigger picture and ensuring you’re communicating something that will genuinely interest your contacts.

The GDPR is a golden opportunity for Sales – that’s why we call it Generate Deeper Profitable Relationships

Use the GDPR legislation to your advantage to:

  • Gain better understanding – Go beyond ‘yes/no’ and dig deep to discover great insight on your customers’ interests and preferences
  • Improve customer interactions – Build trust, solve problems, and engage with people on their terms at each stage of the sales funnel
  • Create preferred opportunities – Follow the steps above to engage more customers, create better quality sales pipeline, and win more valuable opportunities
  • Understand your limitations – Learn how to compliment standalone solutions like CRM and LinkedIn Sales Navigator.

How technology can help you Generate Deeper Profitable Relationships

GDPR reinforces the importance of using reputable third-party business intelligence sources that are not only compliant with the regulations, but can also demonstrate consistent data capture across multiple channels and best practice in terms of data quality and validation.

As the Chartered Institute of Marketing so correctly points out – “now is the ideal time to invest in new data analytics tools – perhaps even those with predictive analysis and artificial intelligence (AI). By populating these tools with only the most important, useful and legally compliant data, organisations will be able to operate in a far smarter manner than anything that has gone before”

Artesian is the #1 B2B sales platform for delivering growth in a GDPR world

  • Uncover the insight that drives customer centric activities: Artesian delivers a constant supply of relevant and validated insights from both structured and unstructured data sources across the internet, news and social media that will inform all sales, marketing and business development activities – greater personalisation, improved engagement, enhanced demonstration of value
  • Build a 360° view of the customer world: Understand their immediate and future needs, the problems they need to solve, and the wider internal and market influences affecting customer and prospects by harnessing Artesian to demonstrate how your product or service addresses their current needs and problems
  • Track buying signals and trigger events with confidence: Utilise our tools to hone in the type of insights you want to receive such as expansion news, management changes, legislative, regulatory, compliance and risk management changes and triggers, acquisitions etc
  • Build value into engagements: Harness contextual reasons to reach out – ready made research, door openers and engagement topics for higher open rates, click throughs, opt-ins and improved levels of engagement
  • Get better at predicting customer needs: Harness the power to determine in advance what a customer needs, and what product or service will have the greatest impact. Use Artesian to identify patterns of event types, market challenges and new opportunities
  • Build value into nurture campaigns: Keep that loyal band of customers happy, and more importantly consistently opting-in by using Artesian’s advanced intelligence to drive deeper understanding, demonstrate contextual relevance, and build value into marketing campaigns at all stages in the funnel
  • Augment real-world activities: Integrate Artesian with your calendar to see the latest insights about customers and prospects you’re meeting with. Marshal exactly the right facts at the right time (up-to-the minute insights about everyone sitting around the table, their sentiments and expectations) to capture and hold the attention of the room and ensure that when they leave they tick that opt-in

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