Get More out of Salesforce – 5 Compelling Ways Salesforce Users Are Achieving Better Results

Get more out of Salesforce as a trailhead

If you’re reading this it’s likely that you are a Salesforce trialhead user. But perhaps you are feeling a little less than satisfied with the results you are achieving.

Well worry no longer, Salesforce users integrating Artesian within their Salesforce instance are reporting incredibly powerful results.

Put simply Artesian is boosting the power of Salesforce, and here’s the really good bit – you can too, with just the click of a button.

From static to dynamic

Salesforce is no doubt an indispensable part of your technology stack. The ability to store and quickly retrieve vast amounts of data, coupled with advanced reporting, campaign tools and countless other features has certainly improved your efficiency and transformed how you do business. But in a world where customer dynamics change day-by-day, hour-by-hour this static environment needs the boost that comes from a constant stream of real time sales and market intelligence. Enter Artesian!

Artesian enables you to enrich Salesforce Opportunities with the latest news, insights and up to the minute corporate, financial and risk data on deals in progress, giving you a complete 360° pipeline view. Whilst our artificial intelligence (AI) powered personal Insight Agent monitors your pipeline and uses your preferences to guide you towards relevant news triggers.

No wonder Salesforce users already utilising Artesian are reporting a 25% uplift in productivity, 36% increase in new opportunities, and a 33% credibility boost.

5 compelling reasons to integrate Artesian as a Salesforce trailhead:

Improved Forecast Accuracy – Make the pain of inaccurate forecasting a thing of the past. Use our Insight Agent to highlight the news stories most pertinent to you and your team, spot opportunities and risks, and act immediately

Create Meaningful Engagements – Take advantage of the full functionality of Artesian direct from within your Salesforce instance to access market data and track industry news, segment, build and export prospecting lists, look up digital profiles of your contacts to prepare for calls and meetings, create watchlists to track your customers, prospects, partners and competitors, download detailed company reports, create a personalised newsfeeds for your territory, sorted by relevancy, customise triggers to highlight mergers, management changes and other actionable insights, sort your open opportunities by stage and see the news that directly affects each opportunity

Accelerate Pipeline Deals – The Artesian panel within Salesforce Accounts and Opportunities highlights key information about the company and the most relevant insights based on your preferred areas of interest such as growth stories, mergers and acquisitions, management changes or risk. It even lets you track companies which are not in your Salesforce database.

With one click you can read the full story, create a calendar appointment or convert the story to a Salesforce Lead, Task or Opportunity. Alternatively, copy the link and share the article on email, social media or via Chatter

Boost Team Collaboration – interrogate other team member’s open pipeline and facilitate proactive conversations about key developments within individual accounts

Improve company-wide CRM adoption – You and your peers are already using Salesforce but perhaps take-up and enthusiasm for CRM input has waned as the volume of data keeps increasing, and time spent just keeping up-to-date with existing customer data is impacting negatively on time spent researching and acquiring new ones.

Support CRM adoption and use by combining what they know about the account with what’s happening in that business today in real time.

Convinced??? Getting started with the Salesforce integration is easy …

Simply authorise Artesian in your Salesforce to start receiving insights and email alerts:

  • Open Salesforce and scroll down to the Artesian Surveillance panel
  • Click ‘ Start Now’
  • Click on Opportunities tab

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