Getting to know Artesian

Day in the life of an Artesian user

In life, we like to be treated as individuals. The same applies when we are engaged in business. In previous generations, businesses knew their customers intimately and were able to personalise their offering to suit each one. Expanding the customer base was their biggest problem.

Businesses in the modern era have access to lots of potential consumers, but often we find they have a limited understanding of what’s important to them.

How do businesses bridge the gap and build relationships with customers?

The internet provides sales and account managers with a wealth of information about our customers, but often, finding the time to sift through it all to find the most valuable and actionable business insights is challenging. Online news alerts are only useful if there is a way to filter out non-business news and irrelevant or duplicate matches – leaving just the business intelligence you need to have first-mover advantage over your competitors.

At Artesian, we’ve figured out how to do just that.

Imagine that you want to sell a media campaign to promote a theme park called “Jupiter Space Park”.

First, you need to know all there is to know about the park. You start by logging into Artesian, searching for Jupiter Space Park and following it. There’s news for it because someone else is already following it.

Why not take the opportunity to get in touch and work collaboratively?

Once you have the company in your watchlist, Artesian can start harvesting relevant breaking news, articles, blogs and tweets about the park from the internet; run them through our super smart algorithms, which enable us to filter out the non-business news, flag the most important insights and opportunities for you to action and deliver the information direct to the online platform, Artesian Ready mobile app, your CRM system or your inbox on any device, anywhere.

That’s enough to get you started but what if you need to know more?

Glancing at the topic cloud in your news feed will give you a live visual of what’s going on, or you can choose to explore the news in more depth using the tag cloud.

It’s easy to change the topics if you decide you want a broader news overview, or if you want to target specific areas i.e. PR and Expansion news for Jupiter Space Park. This unique insight is pulled from millions of sources into Artesian’s powerful platform in real-time.

While you are logged in, you can also analyse:

  • Social media feeds including Blogs, Twitter and LinkedIn to understand what Jupiter Space Park and their customers are saying.
  • Company data from reputable data sources to find their website URL, Twitter handle, contact details, company directors, financial documents, downloadable company reports and credit risk indicators.
  • People data to find out whether any of your LinkedIn connections can provide you with an introduction.

The process of “getting to know” Jupiter Space Park doesn’t have to stop there.

You can get a 360 degree understanding of Jupiter Space Park’s business and their marketplace by following the relevant industry regulators, top companies in the sector, customers, competitors and prospects.

Jupiter Space Park may not be the only sales opportunity – segment the leisure sector with Artesian’s powerful prospecting tool to find similar companies by industry, location, turnover, number of employees and other criteria.

Regularly using Artesian will provide you with genuine reasons to engage with Jupiter Space Park. Imagine that they’ve won an award or launched a new attraction. You pick up the phone and congratulate them. They are really impressed that you are the first to do so and invite you to meet with them to discuss their needs.

Preparing for your meeting is much faster than usual because you’ve been bookmarking relevant insights and building up a personalised company brief in Artesian.

Adding the meeting to your calendar in the Ready Mobile App brings together relevant news, company information, your notes and links to meeting attendee’s profiles on social media sites. All of which is accessible on the road.

By now, you will have a good understanding of Jupiter Space Park and their marketplace. Use this knowledge and analysis tab within Artesian to become an expert on the Leisure sector and pro-actively suggest solutions that will help them to be successful. Keep your market knowledge up to date by setting-up regular alerts for the Leisure industry. Sharing relevant business and market insights with your contact will impress them and build your credibility as a thought leader.

With Artesian your team will have access to a constant supply of relevant and valuable information – everything you need to thoroughly research each and every customer. This information is vital in getting to know your customers, treating them as individuals and creating new business leads.

What’s more, this process can be tailored to each member of your sales team and other departments such as Customer Support, Relationship Management and Marketing.

Getting to know Artesian is easy – find out how Artesian can help you become a customer centric organisation by booking an instant demo of the platform.