Growing body of Artesian Club 100 Members Celebrate Success at the NED

Artesian Club 100 – Exclusive Member Event

On 9th May we held our inaugural Club 100 event at the NED, one of the City’s premier architectural masterpieces and former home of the Midland Bank.

Hosted in a grade 1 listed room (originally the private luncheon room of the Midland Bank’s chairman, Reginald McKenna) we were delighted to be joined by 18 Club 100 members as well as several Artesian Super-user pathway customers from a wide range of organisations and market sectors including Aviva, Barclaycard, BT, Canon, HSBC, Lex Autolease, Paragon and Metrobank.

Andrew Jenkins - Autodesk Club 100 Member

As well as hearing from our keynote speaker, sales guru Andrew Jenkins, Territory Account Executive at Autodesk and winner of the 2018 BESMA Sales Professional of the Year, the Club 100 also got the low down on planned enhancements to the Artesian platform, and the opportunity to provide valuable feedback on how they are using our system – what we are doing well, and what we could be doing better.

Attendees gave the day a 5 out of 5 rating, with an overall resounding yes from all attendees about their desire to come along to future Club 100 events.

We were delighted with the feedback, with our Club 100 members endorsing the event as a great opportunity to get together with like-minded people and share business cards.

Give and Take

As mentioned in our previous blog, Introducing the Artesian Club 100, this is just the first of many planned events, aimed at both recognising and rewarding the success of our top tier user group, as well as an opportunity to give users an input into the development of our platform and a voice in making decisions.

We are proud of our Club 100 community and see huge value in events such as this both for our own growth and development, and for that of our users – keeping them more informed and engaged about developments happening within the Artesian platform.

The event was a great opportunity to say thank you for their continued support.

At the event we also offered 10 free licenses to any Club 100 organisations looking to expand their use of Artesian out to a new team or business unit.

We are delighted that 5 of the businesses attending have since taken us up on this offer.

Club 100 Member

Could you be a Club 100 member?

Club 100 is a growing body of Artesian users that display the behaviours of high performing sales leaders and achieve an Artesian Engagement Score of 100.

These are users gaining maximum benefit from the service – building deeper relationships with their customers and prospects and are most likely to be displaying the behaviours of high performing sellers.

They will be gaining insights by daily alerts, as well as undertaking research into companies, connections and markets.

They will also be sharing this knowledge and expertise via regular and contextual interactions with their connections (via email, social media, shared watch lists etc.).

Using our algorithm we have identified a strong correlation between a user’s Artesian score and their overall sales performance. They typically:

  • Generate 38% more prospects and opportunities
  • Realise a 24% uplift in accelerated results
  • Gain a 40% improvement in sales productivity
  • Improve credibility and relevancy by 34%

This growing body of Artesian users that stand as pillars of our brand, sharing valuable lessons and experiences about our tools and services with their peers, both within their own organisations and within the wider Artesian community.

We would love you to join them.

There are a number of benefits to being an Artesian Club 100 member:

  • Certificate of membership and recognition of success sent to senior leaders within their business
  • Quarterly Club 100 wall of fame posting on LinkedIn and Twitter
  • Invites to Ivy Executive lunches
  • Invite and recognition at Artesian Annual Connections Conference
  • Access to the Super User Pathway which qualifies for CPD hours
  • Exclusive member events

Want to know more?

If you would like to hear more about Artesian Club 100 please get in touch with you CSM.