How to boost underperforming Sales teams

Why are your sales underperforming?

If your sales team are consistently missing their quota, then motivating them and managing a return to high performance can be challenging.

Multiple factors can influence sales behaviours and sales performance. Poor sales performance might be caused by a lack of motivation or inadequate compensation and incentives.

It could mean that your team don’t have the necessary skills or knowledge to sell effectively. Maybe your colleagues don’t have the tools or technology that they need to keep up with competitors and be more productive.

Sales leaders need to understand the underlying causes of poor performance before deciding on what action to take.

What can you do to turn the situation around?

Motivating your team, ensuring they know what is expected of them and providing coaching are all key to returning them to optimal performance levels.

  • Clarify expectations – make sure that your team know how you want them to behave and what results you expect them to achieve
  • Provide feedback – analyse performance metrics, observe behaviours and provide feedback on an ongoing basis rather than waiting for annual reviews
  • Focus on performance gains – provide specific feedback that clearly demonstrate what you consider to be successful behaviour and what the benefits of that approach are
  • Address performance gaps – have timely, open, supportive discussions with your team members to determine whether the issue is lack of motivation or a skills gap and be pro-active in addressing the issues raised
  • Limit distractions – look at sales technologies you can provide your team with that will help them spend more time actually selling
  • Supply the necessary resources – do your team have the staff, the tools and the training they need to build an effective pipeline and research prospects?

There are options you can take as a manager – empowering, training, coaching, counselling, discipline, and (when necessary) letting the worst performers on your team go.

Defining your sales processes, targeting your ideal customers, finding efficient ways to build pipeline and sharing best practice amongst your team are a great way to start.

How can Artesian help underperfoming sales teams?

Artesian is a software solution that provides contextual, relevant insight into customers and their markets in real-time, helping you get to know your customers better and giving you a competitive edge when it really matters.

Artesian helps you retain and acquire new clients, manage risk and equip your teams for success. Our most recent customer survey showed that 25% of respondents had experienced an increase in sales productivity.

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