Watching Me, Watching You – How to Build and Use Great Watchlists

As an Artesian customer then you have at your fingertips a veritable gold mine of people and market intelligence. Artesian gathers and tracks intelligence on customers, prospects and competitors from millions of online resources – blogs, news sites, editorials and social platforms such as Twitter and LinkedIn – and uses artificial intelligence layered on top of that data to transform to filter it into commercially valuable insights based on the companies and industries that most important to you.

The easiest and most productive way for you to stay on top of the insights Artesian generates is to create Watchlists.

Watchlists are a key tool for keeping track of a personalised list of companies and people and to follow their news updates for relevant business opportunities. We make it quick and simple for you to set up, manage your watchlists and take action on the intelligence.

Build a Watchlist

To get you started we give users three default watchlists: Customers, Competitors and Prospects.

These offer you a simple way to categorise the companies you are following, but if you’d like to organise your companies more to your own tastes, you can create new ones.

Add new watchlist

  • Click on one of your watchlists, or go to the ‘Following’ page in the main menu. At the top of the page next to the name of your watchlist, click on the ‘Add Watchlist’ button
  • Enter the Name of the Watchlist and choose how far back you would like to see news for. At this point you have the option to make this new list your default Watchlist i.e. open when you first log in to Artesian, or when you return to the Following page from any other part of the platform.
  • You will receive email alerts for all new Watchlists cas default. You can select how many news articles you want to see in the alert per company from the drop down list. You will also receive email alerts where there has been certain data changes
  • When you are satisfied with all of the settings above, click ‘Create Watchlist’.

Create new watchlist

Once you have created your watchlist the next step is to start adding companies:

  • Simply type the name of a company or person you wish to into the “Search for Companies” bar at the top of the page.
  • A list of companies which match your search will populate.
  • Click on the blue “Follow” button, then select which of your watchlists you would like to add the company to.

In the rare occurrence that you can’t find the company you’re looking for click the “Can’t find it? Tell us!” button. This will open up a popup box for you to include any information about the company you wish to follow.

Our Support team will then find your company and add it to the desired watchlist on your behalf.

Use Your watchlist

The Watchlist News page contains all articles relating to the companies you are following in a specific watchlist.

All companies in a watchlist will have a traffic light next to them. This is designed to show you how much news is currently available for each company. If the light is green then there’s lots of news, amber will signify a steady stream of news and red will mean that there have been no articles within the last 30 days.

To view news, data and other information for an individual company in your watchlist, click on them in this list.

Filter & Sort Your News

At the top of your newsfeed there are three tabs, which allow you to sort or filter your newsfeed based on specified criteria (click on this article for more information on filtering)

Artesian will hold news for up to 60 days before it is removed. By default your newsfeeds will only include articles from the past 30 days, but this can be changed by selecting one of the date options within the “Sort Options” tab.

Relevance, Triggers & Similar Articles

Relevance is shown next to the date above an article in the form of a signal bar. The more complete the signal bar, the more relevant we have deemed this article to you.

In addition to relevance, Artesian highlights important news and colour codes it by trigger type. Triggers allow you to spot opportunities or risks in your accounts and take prompt action.

Microsoft Dynamics Integration

We will also identify if there are several stories which are similar. To view these, simply click on ‘Read more stories about this…’ and they will be revealed.


Sharing is caring as they say…. hover your mouse over an article, you will notice that six buttons appear. These buttons allow you to share or take action on an article. You can:

  • Copy the Link – clicking on this button will provide a shortened link to the article ready for you to copy and paste into whichever format you choose
  • Bookmark it – bookmarking an article saves it to your profile and keeps it in the Bookmarks page. This page allows you to see all the articles you have saved to your profile and give you the ability to perform further actions on them when you are ready.
  • Share it on Twitter and/or LinkedIn – you can share an article of interest with your Twitter followers or LinkedIn connections. This may help you to build social relationships with customers, peers and colleagues as you can congratulate people personally.
  • Add it your calendar – Adding a news article to your calendar will allow you to diarise it, should you want to discuss it with colleagues/customers during a meeting or call. To do this, click the ‘Calendar’ option, this will add the article title and link to your diary. You can then choose to invite attendees to a meeting to discuss the content or you can set the article as a reminder to yourself for a specified date and time
  • Email it to a colleague or customer – Clicking the Email button will provide you with a list of templates you can use to quickly and easily share an article with a colleague or customer
  • See why you have been shown this article by selecting the ‘Why This’ option – this can be used to understand what companies and topics are tagged within each article, particularly helpful if you are looking for companies that are mentioned in the same articles, or if you are wanting to adjust your topic filters within the Watchlist.

We talk a lot about customer curiosity here at Artesian. Customer curiosity is seeking to better understand the customer ecosystem, customer perspectives, develop market fluency, and so on. Watchlists allow you to nurture and channel your curiosity.

By using watchlists you’ll always have something to discuss with customers, a fresh angle to inform you and your customer interactions. By tuning into watchlist news you will grow your understanding of the events and people that are influencing buying decisions and in turn increase your ability to influence these decisions.

Similarly you’ll have a deeper understanding of the customer what their world looks like, what is important to them and what is driving them at any given moment. Giving you new reasons to get excited, jump on or suggest new ideas, and uncover new ways to solve problems, improve outcomes and generate real competitive advantage.